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Expert tips: Is Open Telekom Cloud suitable for your company?

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Servers, cooling systems and power supply; one site for the computing centre, skilled workers for the maintenance – in the past, companies still used to operate their own IT infrastructure. Fortunately, alongside traditional outsourcing, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is also available today – in this case, the IT is located in the computing centre of a cloud specialist, in what is known as the public cloud. One simple, secure and economical solution for corporate clients is Open Telekom Cloud.

For those in a hurry: Open Telekom Cloud in 20 seconds

Open Telekom Cloud is a secure and economical public cloud, in line with German data protection legislation and compliance. It has been developed for corporate clients who wish to map their IT infrastructure in a secure, efficient and scalable manner.

Open Telekom Cloud is based on free OpenStack technology. As OpenStack is developed independently, companies do not tie themselves to a certain supplier.

Open Telekom Cloud is particularly easy and intuitive to operate. Included in the service are free support and training sessions – this enables companies of any size to take advantage of cloud computing at the same level of quality.


Could Open Telekom Cloud be suitable for your company, too? T-Systems expert Jürgen Wilde supplies the answers to this question.

Jürgen Wilde, T-Systems International GmbH
Jürgen Wilde, T-Systems International GmbH

Jürgen Wilde is practically one of the founding fathers of T-Systems. For 16 years, he as been working for the company, most recently on the development of Open Telekom Cloud: 

“After more than ten years’ experience in cloud computing, the public cloud ‘Made in Germany’ is an important step for us. It means that we are offering corporate clients an additional important platform for their growth. The great interest in our beta test, in particular, confirms this and shows that the demand for a secure public cloud from Germany is growing.


How does Open Telekom Cloud differ from other cloud services on offer?

Jürgen Wilde: “The major difference is in the very low price, in the security compliant with German data protection legislation and in the high level of user friendliness. And this is combined with the same range of functionality that established cloud services offer. With the cloud, we are starting at the point where, for example, American providers fail – the cloud meets German compliance requirements. It is suitable for companies using a cloud infrastructure for the first time, yet also offers a recognition factor for those who already use facilities such as Amazon Web Services and wish to change. Due to the very low prices, the infrastructure is also a product for really every company. Using Open Telekom Cloud, a small start-up is just as capable of securing its IT resources as a medium-sized company or a traditional corporation”.

What else makes Open Telekom Cloud better?

Jürgen Wilde: “We are putting an end to inadequate customer service in the field of cloud computing. Our range is not only aimed at the self-taught who are capable of doing everything themselves. We consciously concentrate on a service that enables every company to use a public cloud for itself. Where other providers rely on their clients being familiar with the technology, we offer support and training so that companies can master their point of entry into digitization without facing any adventures or risks.

Consequently, we not only offer clients the infrastructure but also the human component with all our experience at T-Systems. Companies are therefore able to really exploit the technology, above all on the decision-maker’s side. From our point of view, a cloud service only makes sense for the majority of companies if there is also someone there to provide assistance.”

Is Open Telekom Cloud so complicated then that we need consultancy services for it?

Jürgen Wilde: “No, in normal operation it isn’t. Open Telekom Cloud is operated with our established user interface ‘Simple’. It is intuitive; administrators will quickly find their way around it, in a similar way to Amazon Web Services. Many customers even tell us that they actually manage better with our user interface. However, we do base it on the open-source technology ‘OpenStack’, in which companies can, for example, make their own changes to the code. Adaptations with customized developments quickly become very complex – and here we help companies so that they do not have to commission an additional service provider to perform the technical supervision of the cloud infrastructure, as is the case with other cloud providers”.

We have never used Infrastructure as a Service. Will we be able to cope with it?

Jürgen Wilde: “As already explained, the intuitive user interface makes getting started easier, but you can also take advantage of our first and second level support at no charge. We even offer training courses so that administrators can work to the optimum during ongoing operations. The entire expertise of Telekom and T-Systems is available to customers in this respect, so that they can also really manage with the public cloud and remain satisfied in the long run.”

We wish to remain independent and not become dependent upon one supplier.

Jürgen Wilde: “You can book Open Telekom Cloud without any fixed contractual term. In addition, the technology is compatible with other providers thanks to OpenStack. Consequently, companies do not need to take any financial or technological risks. The cloud software in the background is produced by a large community of developers, as is the case with other open-source solutions. As a result, when customers subsequently opt for another provider who supports this technology, they can continue operating their cloud infrastructure after the change-over.”

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