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ISG study has reaffirmed: the Open Telekom Cloud is a genuine alternative to U.S. hyperscalers

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SG Provider Lens 2020, text on light and dark blue background that is divided into rectangles (Source: ISG Research 2020)
With the Open Telekom Cloud, T-Systems offers a genuine alternative to hyperscalers and defends its place in the leading group of cloud providers.

In this article you will read: 

  • How the ISG research analysts rate the public cloud services of T-Systems
  • The strengths with which the Open Telekom Cloud scores points and was able to reaffirm its leader status
  • Which other awards T-Systems won in the ISG Provider Lens™ – Public Cloud – Solutions and Services 2020 benchmark study 

The Open Telekom Cloud is one of the most attractive cloud offerings, as the independent analysts of the Information Services Group (ISG) have once more confirmed. As in the previous year the T-Systems public cloud was found to be one of the best ways for enterprises to utilize Hyperscale Infrastructure and Platform Services (see box). “Deutsche Telekom is a genuine alternative to U.S. competitors, scores points with a comprehensive cloud offering and can guarantee that data is stored in Europe,” the ISG experts write. 

Secure Data Storage and Comprehensive Service Portfolio

According to the ISG research analysts the Open Telekom Cloud’s special strengths are, above all, three factors: the high level of security, the comprehensive service portfolio and the Hybrid Cloud model:  

  • Security
    Security is paramount at Deutsche Telekom. “Compliance with GDPR guidelines is guaranteed by the storage and exclusive processing of data at high-security, multiply-certified data centers in Germany,” the analysts write. In future the new data center in Amsterdam will also be available; it too complies with Europe’s strict GDPR regulations and with the recommendations of Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).
  • Service
    Along with cloud computing the Open Telekom Cloud offers companies a wide range of enterprise services such as container management and integration of applications via API interfaces. In addition, the analysts emphasize the use of artificial intelligence and expressly mention the provision of base metal solutions and support for different manufacturers’ databases.
  • Hybrid Cloud
    The ISG experts also commend the flexible data storage options. Open Telekom Cloud Hybrid users can utilize services in the public cloud or, locally, as a private cloud on dedicated servers. Deutsche Telekom hosts private clouds either at its own data centers in Magdeburg or Biere or, alternatively, if the customer so wishes at the customer’s data center. The advantage in both cases is that the platform is uniform and can switch seamlessly between private and public cloud environments. Customers that prefer a hybrid model can run a cloud installation of their own that is managed by T-Systems.

Open Telekom Cloud services consist of IaaS and PaaS solutions and provide for private, public and hybrid models. The Open Telekom Cloud is available in Germany and around 20 other countries. Thanks to flexibly scalable cloud resources the Open Telekom Cloud is suitable for enterprises of all sizes, be they large corporations, medium-sized businesses, or startups. ISG says many customers in Germany, especially medium-sized businesses, use the services and are very satisfied with their performance. 

Market Position Extended – Four Times ISG Benchmark Leader

In addition to Hyperscale Infrastructure and Platform Services T-Systems scored points in other segments and significantly extended its market position with four leader places in ISG’s public cloud services benchmark as a 2020 provider in Germany, including in the categories Consulting and Transformational Services and Managed Public Cloud Services for Large Enterprises. 

 “T-Systems is developing into a public cloud specialist equally proficient with cloud-native methods and tools and on legacy platforms,” the ISG experts say. It can support customers’ complex integration projects by using a variety of migration methods such as Cloudifier. T-Systems also has “one of the most attractive SAP HANA offerings that promises a secure transformation to the cloud.” And as for public cloud services, T-Systems delivers the goods with cloud governance, peak security and cost control flanked by process understanding and competence in customers’ lines of business. “T-Systems,” the analysts say, “is consistently implementing its Cloud First strategy and engages superbly in interaction with the leading hyperscalers.”


Where T-Systems Leads the Field

In the following segments and countries the ISG analysts rated T-Systems a leader:

  • Hyperscale Infrastructure and Platform Services in Germany
  • Managed Public Cloud Services for Large Accounts in Germany
  • Consulting and Transformational Services for Large Accounts in Germany
  • SAP HANA Infrastructure Services in Germany

What Are Hyperscale Infrastructure and Platform Services?

The ISG Provider Lens™ – Public Cloud – Solutions and Services 2020 benchmark study is divided into different segments. Hyperscale Infrastructure and Platform Services brings together providers that offer virtual computing resources, middleware and software in a public cloud. Their customers use IT infrastructure and platform services as required. 

Typical Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) services are computing services, storage and network resources that are provided virtually or as a container and are based on serverless architectures. The Platform as a Service (PaaS) segment provides microservices and runtime engines for predefined cloud-based processes for application development. These PaaS offerings support developers who have to create or modernize applications, as a rule throughout the application’s lifecycle. 

Middleware, persistent resources, business process management, cooperation networks, databases and analytical and machine learning skills round off Hyperscale Infrastructure and Platform Services, ISG says. In addition, IaaS or PaaS providers support and manage independent software vendors (ISVs) during their go-to-market activities.

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