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Open Telekom Cloud release 1.1: increased services for bigger ideas

by Editorial team

The Cloud, particularly the Public Cloud, is often seen as a springboard to digitalisation. New ideas can either be launched immediately or tested with a relatively small outlay and investment risk. At the customer interface or behind the scenes, internal processes are optimised. The Cloud is the raw material with which to build and run mobile apps, big data, Internet of Things, social collaboration, and much more.

With their new release (1.1), Open Telekom Cloud is making the path to a digital future a little clearer in two ways: Firstly, by making the interaction with infrastructure resources easier and secondly, by providing prepared building blocks for special use-case scenarios.

Open Telekom Cloud: increased services for bigger ideas
Increased services and bigger ideas – the Open Telekom Cloud

New Flavors available

Adding to the 27 Basic Flavors (Compute I, II, General Purpose, and Memory Optimised), come four new Advanced Flavor Classes in addition to the High Performance Flavor already available. The new Flavors cover four typical use-case scenarios for digital solutions: applications which need high-powered graphics, big data, in-memory computing and virtual desktops.

In addition to the Compute Pools which provide processing capacity and the Storage Pools for memory, a new pool for graphic cards is being built. This NVidia M60 pool offers further virtualized graphics cards. The resulting GPU Flavors can be used for all applications where pictures or moving images need to be processed. They are also suitable for cryptography.

Infrastructure for any kind of big data

The two other Flavors cover big data applications. Local Disk or Disk Intensive can be used with Hadoop/MapReduce and the Large Memory Flavor is designed for in-memory computing. With 48 vCPUs and up to 1024 GB RAM, the highest performing Flavor in this class sets new standards on the Open Telekom Cloud.

Both Flavors take advantage of new internal network technology to speed up data transfer. As well as the new Flavors, two new operating systems, Debian and Fedora, are being introduced. There are also new versions of CentOs and Ubuntu.

New tools

The new additions make working with Open Telekom Cloud even easier. The Domain Name Service allows Open Telekom Cloud resources to be seamlessly integrated into corporate networks and Direct Connect provides new access to the Open Telekom Cloud such as MPLS. This achieves not only high transfer speeds but also high-level security.

For security-conscious users, Open Telekom Cloud offers OBS encryption, an integrated tool which can encrypt data stored in Object Storage. The Price Online Display ensures cost transparency when ordering services. Furthermore, The Cloud Container Engine (CCE) and Relational Database Service (RDS) have new functionality.

Looking forward: turning up the Heat

In November, it gets even easier: with Heat. Heat is the Open Stack Orchestration tool which gives users access to all other Open Telekom Cloud functions. This means you can control all the other modules – with more or less no need for any programming knowledge. So-called templates are created based on commands which can be easily used to build complex combinations of functions for extensive infrastructure.

Seven months after launch, Open Telekom Cloud is already extending its services even further – the number of Flavors available has doubled and new management tools make using the Cloud simpler and easier. The next expansion is planned for Q1 2017.

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