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Enclaive – Confidential Computing Technology

Confidential computing is a new computing paradigm which safeguards sensitive (customer) data at any moment in time, while it is stored, looked up, edited, or processed. Enclaive encrypts and shields data against breaches, only allowing legitimate users to access the data.

Product Type: SaaS
Provider: enclaive GmbH


Deploy (multi-)cloud applications easily, securely and anywhere

Among the key reasons why decision-makers are hesitating to embrace the cloud are the lack of expertise and resources, and perceived complexity, as well as security, legal and compliance concerns. Enclaive helps overcome these challenges and supports the (technical) leadership team on its digital transformation journey. Enclaive’s revolutionary container technology establishes the highest level of application security and data privacy.

By delivering confidential computing technology, enclaive enables businesses and institutions to deploy multi-cloud applications anywhere whilst remaining with their existing teams and development teams.


Key Features of Enclaive

Confidential container: Orange stylised laptop with shield icon in the display, next to it a stylised server tower and lock

Confidential Containers turn any environment into your private data center

Enclaive’s innovative technology aligns the interests of infrastructure consumers and providers by implementing the “last mile” of trust and compliance.  

Our containers shield data and applications within a fully confidential and auditable black box known as the “enclave”. Data and code are secured at rest, in transit, and most notably in use.

Stylised mobile phone, next to it a lock surrounded by stars. An orange key lies in front of the display

Built-in authentication & attestation feature 

Enclaive’s Confidential Containers have a cryptographic identity. The authorship is verifiable, allowing the implementation of finer-grained white-labeling mechanisms as well as proactive user protection: Remote attestation allows for on-the-fly scanning of in-use outdated or vulnerable containers based on their cryptographic identity.

Stylised laptop. In front of it a large lock. In a semicircle around the laptop are 7 icons ranging from shopping trolley, folder, credit card, identity card, envelope, chat bubble and globe.

Confidential computing databases

Enclaive’s confidential databases (e.g. Redis, Maria, Arango) enable businesses to jumpstart their deployment in the cloud without the effort of switching and understanding the core elements of the software they are building on.


With Enclaive's innovative technology, we have been able to easily implement confidential computing in many application environments in a secure and trustworthy way. Building on security functions in the CPU, confidential computing ensures that applications with code and data are flexibly processed in an isolated and encrypted form in secure enclaves on cloud infrastructures.

Prof. Norbert Pohlmann

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