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Flexibility and security thanks to free software

A software basis that creates trust

The aim of the Open Telekom Cloud is to provide European companies with a trustworthy cloud platform to which they can safely entrust sensitive data. That is why we use OpenStack as the software basis. A dedicated community develops this open-source solution and subjects the code to a rigorous public review before each release to rule out bugs and security vulnerabilities. In addition, the widespread use of OpenStack ensures that users can easily switch providers. For our customers, this means transparency, security – and complete flexibility.

Openstack logo with blue clouds on white background.

An instantly scalable solution based on OpenStack with such high security and data protection standards from a well-known supplier is currently unparalleled. It was therefore clear that we should move our SPLA Manager to the Open Telekom Cloud.

Bruno Pauli, Co-CEO and founder of Octopus Cloud AG


Your benefits with OpenStack

Place your trust in a future-proof standard

As an open-source solution, OpenStack is developed by a huge community that includes both young, agile startups and established companies. This community is continuously driving the development of the cloud operating system and is steadily growing. Today, it has over 100,000 members in 187 states. Their commitment has made OpenStack an important, global de facto standard for cloud infrastructures. As a result, you benefit from a future-proof structure that grows dynamically with the demands of the market.

Graphic showing world map including important facts.
Graphic shows flexibility when choosing cloud providers.

Ensure flexibility when choosing cloud providers

If companies select a provider for their cloud solutions that relies on proprietary technology used only by them, they may unintentionally become dependent. This is because switching to a company that uses a different software often results in high costs and risks. This effect is called vendor lock-in. Since OpenStack is an open software and therefore used by numerous providers, it ensures maximum flexibility when choosing your partners.


Switch effortlessly between private cloud and public cloud

Most companies are aiming for a hybrid cloud strategy. Thanks to OpenStack, Open Telekom Cloud can offer these businesses a deal that no cloud provider can match: They have the possibility to use both the public and private cloud with the same software base — regardless of whether these are run on in-house servers or in a Telekom data center. This way, companies can not only integrate public and private cloud easily, but also move resources between the two cloud worlds with little effort.

More about Private Cloud

Graphic shows Public and Private coming together to Hybrid.
3D representation of a transparent cloud on a printed circuit board.

Whitepaper: OpenStack – The Open Source Standard

OpenStack offers an alternative to proprietary cloud systems. Get an overview of the principles and benefits of OpenStack, as well as how to work with automation tools and more.


We help shape OpenStack as an active member of the community

The Open Telekom Cloud experts are part of the OpenStack Community and drive forward the development of this open-source solution together with coders from all over the world.

Open Telekom Cloud Openstack Logo.

Certified as an OpenStack-Powered Platform

The Open Telekom Cloud fully meets the compatibility standard according to the OpenStack Foundation guidelines. Because of this certification, our offering is listed in the OpenStack Marketplace.

Open Telekom Cloud Openstack logo for Gold Member

Gold Member of the OpenStack Infrastructure Foundation

Deutsche Telekom is a Gold Member of the international community, making it one of the most important supporters of OpenStack in Europe.


An instantly scalable offering based on OpenStack with such a high level of security and data protection and by such a renowned provider is simply unique.

Bruno Pauli, Co-CEO and founder of Octopus Cloud AG


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