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DMS Kafka creates new SSL certificates

The updated DMS service in EU-DE & EU-NL generates new T-Systems SSL certificates after 07/19/2024.

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Monthly Image Security Patches July 2024 available

Images with the latest security updates and improvements have been released in the Public Image section.

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DMS supporting Kafka 3.x, Single instances and many more

The updated DMS service in EU-DE & EU-NL contains new cluster flavors, single instances, new features and a free of charge beta for Kafka 3.x.

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Same-version-upgrade are now in CSS supported

Same-version upgrade is to upgrade the kernel patch of a cluster to fix problems or optimize performance. Cross-engine upgrade is to upgrade an Elasticsearch cluster to an OpenSearch cluster. Cross-version upgrade is to upgrade the cluster version to enhance functions or incorporate versions.

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Web Application Firewall - Enhanced Security with TLS 1.3 Support

In EU-DE and Swiss OTC, TLS 1.3 support is now implemented with the Web Application Firewall (WAF) Dedicated. Find out more in the current release notes.

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New ICAgent for AOM & LTS in EU-DE

The new ICAgent is available in EU-DE. The new version supports the latest features of CCE and is compatible with CCE v1.25, v1.27 and v1.28.

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Identity and Access Management (IAM) Version 2.7 Release

The IAM upgrade to version 2.7 includes important bug fixes. Read more about it in the following release note.

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