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New ECS GPU Flavor g7 available in region EU-NL now

Use the new GPU ECS Flavor g7 designed for graphics- and computational oriented workloads.

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DataArts Studio new features

DataArts Studio has now new features and contains two fixes.

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DDS supports backup encryption

The Document Database Service now supports Backup Encryption. For all existing instances that have been created with Disk Encryption, an encrypted backup is now created for any type of manual or automatic backup task.

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New FunctionGraph services available in EU-DE region now

FunctionGraph is the new cloud native Function as a Service product of Open Telekom Cloud.

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ECS – New large memory flavors E6 in EU-DE

Use ECS E6 flavor for applications requiring a very high main memory.

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New CCE Turbo Flavor c4ne available in region EU-DE now

Use the new dedicated general purpose Flavor c4ne as computing resource for Cloud Container Engine Turbo.

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New Optical Character Recognition Service available in EU-DE region

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allows you to detect and recognize printed characters in images and convert the characters into editable text in JSON format.

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VPC Console Update in EU-CH2

A new Update of the VPC Console is now available in EU-CH2. Read more in the new Release Notes.

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