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Easily digitalize paper processes with OCR from the cloud

Printed information is still omnipresent and often hinders the digitalization of processes. This problem can be solved with the help of artificial intelligence. Object Character Recognition (OCR) based on deep learning allows printed information to be recognized in real time.

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d.velop summit 2024: A celebration of digitalization

Inspire. Feel. Learn. The d.velop summit 2024 from June 11 - 13 at the Areal Böhler brought together participants from many industries to shape the future of digital transformation. The Open Telekom Cloud was at center stage of an interest-packed event with its own presentations, stand and even its own mascot.

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Safety First! New Cloud Security Services

Specific security with AI for the cloud: The Host Security Service (HSS) offers users a wide range of security functions such as multi-factor authentication, baseline check, vulnerability management, intrusion detection, security response and ransomware prevention. A central security dashboard provides an overview.

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The flying start into artificial intelligence

Nobody questions the fact that artificial intelligence (AI) needs the cloud. However, depending on the situation in the company, its own expertise, data and use case, the cloud offers different approaches for getting started with AI. What role can large language models play, for example, and how do they become available?

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Inspire. Feel. Learn: Together with the Open Telekom Cloud at the d.velop summit 2024

Which digital trends are top and which have not been able to establish themselves? The d.velop summit 2024 from June 11 to 13 in Düsseldorf at the Areal Böhler offers orientation and inspiration at the same time. The Open Telekom Cloud supports the event of its partner d.velop and actively contributes to the program. Secure your ticket now.

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Oracle databases and cloud – is that possible?

Oracle databases play an important role in the IT landscapes of many established companies. Until now, however, the databases have often proved to be an obstacle when migrating to the cloud. Oracle-optimized from the Open Telekom Cloud solves licensing and latency problems.

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Serverless computing: “All inclusive” services from the cloud

Automatic allocation of infrastructure resources without needing to select, allocate and configure infrastructure components? With FunctionGraph, the Open Telekom Cloud has also been offering serverless computing since April 2024.

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