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Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence systems or neural networks need powerful computing resources that fit the respective model, as well as access to prepared data. Since calculations are usually of a temporary nature, it is not worth purchasing a high-performance computer for selective use. The secure storage of the required data is difficult and usually highly costly.

The cloud offers needs-oriented access to computing resources that meet these requirements – whether CPUs, GPUs or bare metal servers. In some cases, it may be sensible to combine these with access to a high-performance data center – with users only paying for what they use.


Zero waiting time

Expand the limits of your own environment and reduce waiting times

100% freedom

The latest technology from a variety of hardware and software manufacturers (NVIDIA, Intel, etc.)

Zero initial investment

Including all operating costs from just:
CPU: €0.015 per core per hour
GPU (V100): €1.46 per GPU per hour*

*P2.2XLARGE.8 36 Upfront, OpenLinux

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What are the advantages of AI from the public cloud?

  • Comprehensive selection of technology with numerous processor combinations
  • Standard (CPUs) and special processors (GPUs, etc.) are always available on request for building a variety of AI applications
  • Direct connection to high-performance and supercomputer resources depending on your needs
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What expertise does the Open Telekom Cloud offer?

  • Around 1,500 AI specialists from Deutsche Telekom are ready to assist you with your AI project: from an initial consultation, all the way up to AI operation
  • Large network of partners with immediately available AI solutions for standardized tasks
  • Solutions from start-ups from the TechBoost program enable successful sprints
  • Become an expert yourself with our pre-trained models (coming soon)
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Is my data secure? 

  • Security made in Germany: proven European platform for AI
  • Because our data centers are highly secure and your data will never leave Germany, you can rest assured that the GDPR is fully complied with at all times
  • Our services and processes have been tested and certified multiple times
  • With our nine self-binding guidelines for AI, we have created a framework for being a trusted partner

The right partner – how Deutsche Telekom supports AI projects

The market offers a multitude of AI solutions. To find your way around this jungle, you need a partner who will point the way forward and provide support in decision-making. As an expert partner at all levels and in all specialist areas, we offer the services you need upon request – from an initial consultation, all the way up to the operation of your AI in the Open Telekom Cloud.

For management

AI has special requirements in terms of processes, resources and personnel. Instead of merely offering toolkits, we support you along every step of the way to implementing your AI project – from an introductory workshop, through consultation and a modular AI partner solution from the Open Telekom Cloud, all the way up to pilot projects and operation.

For IT departments

Alongside standard (CPUs) and special processors (GPUs), direct connections to high-performance and supercomputer resources are available to suit your needs. In addition, we offer a comprehensive package for the operation of hybrid and multiple cloud solutions covering all the steps from introducing an AI-supported system to multi-cloud management.

For specialist departments

AI has the potential to be an all-round solution – the presented examples provide a glimpse of the possibilities of AI in corporate departments and are by no means exhaustive. We will be happy to explain many more AI solutions and possible applications for your company in individual workshops. Consult us now

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  • Understanding the content of documents


  • Negotiation bot

Facility management

  • Self-learning building control
  • Building optimization
  • Visual remote assistance with object recognition


  • Understanding the personality of applicants
  • Automatically creating minutes of meetings, including mood


  • Autonomous stocktaking
  • Train delay forecasts

Research and development

  • High-performance computing (fluid dynamics, etc.)
  • Platform for AI automation and model management

Sales and marketing

  • Brand management and impact improvement
  • Individual addressing of target customers
  • Social media management


  • Quality control, e.g., through visual inspection
  • Real-time analysis for early detection of errors in production

Customer services

  • Chatbots for social media / email
  • Assisted AR maintenance
  • Categorization of service tickets

AI APPLICATION SCENARIODelay notification in real time

To-the-minute, real-time forecasts of arrival and departure times of rail traffic give passengers greater planning security and help them stay in control of their schedules. Machine learning is used for this.

AI APPLICATION SCENARIOObject recognition in
warehouse management

Warehouses contain thousands of different articles such as spare parts, which are requested from time to time. Articles that are only required rarely need to be found through manual searching. Artificial intelligence can take care of laborious search tasks such as this.


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The one-stop shop for all artificial intelligence requirements

The Open Telekom Cloud offers various resources for artificial intelligence, ranging from PaaS and SaaS for artificial intelligence, to baseline HPCs, GPUs and even supercomputing with our associate company, HWW.

Benefit from an environment with the full range of resources, one invoice and end-to-end security.

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Full AI stack in the Open Telekom Cloud

The road to AI leads across a large quantity of structured and unstructured data. This data is prepared by our data and analytics services. The result of all this is used to create algorithms and train models.

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Our partners for full-stack AI services

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Further resources for your successful AI projects with the Open Telekom Cloud

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White paper: Understanding artificial
intelligence in the company

What is real artificial intelligence? Who helps with the implementation of AI? The answers are found in this white paper.

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White paper: Applying artificial
intelligence in the company

Read the white paper to learn how other companies are successfully using artificial intelligence and how you can efficiently introduce AI in your company.

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AI forum in the Open Telekom Cloud Community

Visit our AI forum in the Community. We look forward to an interactive exchange with you!

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