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Core Services

The Open Telekom Cloud offers all the resources you need for your digital business.

Our services: an overview

Discover the wide range of services available in all our regions. In addition to the basic IaaS services, including computing, network and storage, the Open Telekom Cloud offers numerous database solutions, a container service, big data and AI solutions. Our platform also includes extensive management and security functions.  

Our infrastructure is 100 percent European and is supported by our twin-core data centers in Germany and the Netherlands. Learn more about the availability of our services in different regions.



Region DE

Region NL



Scale your servers automatically based on defined metrics



Pure hardware servers without virtualisation



Reserved, physically isolated capacities and performance via dedicated servers to be used as a basis for own virtual machines



Large selection of different virtual server types incl. GPUs for machine learning/AI applications & graphical applications



FunctionGraph allows you to manage and run your code without a server



Provision of Linux & Windows operating systems as server image


Region DE

Region NL



Backup of virtual machines, block storage & file storage in 3-AZ redundant object storage



Backup of virtual machines



Various disc types with different performance characteristics incl. snapshot function



Unlimited scalable 3-AZ object storage with different classes for data storage



NFS-based file storage in various performance classes



Emergency recovery of virtual machines in another AZ based on replicated block storage



Backup of block storage 


Region DE

Region NL



Powerful dedicated network connection to the Open Telekom Cloud for high transmission rates



Translation of domain names to IP addresses



Connect services to the Internet using a static IP address



Dynamic distribution of loads and workloads to multiple servers



Allows compute instances to access the Internet via an elastic IP address through NAT



Private network for operating infrastructure



 Communication tunnel from the customer site to the VPC of the Open Telekom Cloud



Connections from VPC to VPC Endpoint Services without using EIPs


Region DE

Region NL



Protection of the Open Telekom Cloud against service outages due to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks



Service for monitoring databases to identify potential security risks



Protection of data traffic



Comprehensive security package with extended security functions



Central HSM encryption service integrated into Open Telekom Cloud services incl. bring-your-own-key (BYOK)



Protective shield for web applications and websites


Region DE

Region NL



The CCE manages clusters, images, templates and compatible applications as well as the operation of these applications



Container repository with versioning and an authorization concept


Region DE

Region NL



Migrate databases or perform version updates



Redis based cache service incl. high availability (primary/standby) & backup function in OBS



Service for database middleware (with the potential to be evolved into a distributed relational database service) compatible only for MySQL and GaussDB



No-SQL database incl. high availability (cluster/replicas) & backup function into OBS



High scaling databases available for SLQ (MySQL)



High scaling databases available for NoSQL (Cassandra)



Ideal platform for databases running in Oracle Private Cloud Appliance devices which are installed in the Magdeburg and Biere Datacenter



MySQL, PostgreSQL & MS SQL databases incl. high availability (primary/standby) & backup function in OBS

Data Analysis

Region DE

Region NL



Managed and scalable search service based on Elasticsearch/Opensearch



Big Data storage, data processing and analytics service



Service for data acquisition & recording of data streams



For querying and analyzing in big data lakes



Service for unifying/harmonizing data from different data sources & analysis



Suite of various tools that perform tasks such as data acquisition, storage, streaming and analysis 


Region DE

Region NL



Publish and Manage APIs for Cloud applications like Microservices and Functions



Centralised management service for the operation of cloud containers



APM allows profiling on transaction and thread level to identify performance bottlenecks



Kafka-based service for asynchronous communication between different applications



Integrated with other Open Telekom Cloud cloud services - sends notifications via email, text message, or HTTP/s

Artificial Intelligence

Region DE

Region NL



AI development suite from data preparation to algorithm development, model training and deployment



Detect and recognize printed characters in images and convert those characters into editable text in JSON format


Region DE

Region NL



Visually design Infrastructure and manage apps



Monitoring of Open Telekom Cloud resources and alarm notification



Audit log for changes and processes on the Open Telekom Cloud resources incl. notification



Manage access authorizations in the cloud environment



Central logging service of application logs incl. analysis function



Categorize cloud resources, e.g., for cost allocation or identification of project groups



Overview of deployed cloud resources
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Cloud Services Portfolio Comparison

Are you uncertain how the service your are looking for is called in the Open Telekom Cloud? We compare our service designations with those of the hyperscalers.



Platform Services

With these platform services, you can conveniently manage your cloud resources and check the status of your Open Telekom Cloud Services in real time.

Green circle with pointer to the right and gray check mark in the background

Status Dashboard

The Status Dashboard (SD) provides real-time data of the individual core services, so that you can check the current status at any time.

Blue icon for index card with person at bottom right and gray building in background

Enterprise Dashboard

The Enterprise Dashboard (ED) helps you keep track of your cloud consumption data, as well as all billing information and financial metrics.

Green work spreadsheet and gray euro sign in background

Price Online Display

Cost control with the Price Online Display (POD) through easy access to all price information. These are integrated via the price calculator.

Graphic OpenStack

The Open Telekom Cloud is based on OpenStack

Maximum flexibility and security for your business

The open-source software offers our customers several advantages: A dedicated developer community creates transparency and security. And its wide distribution guarantees them maximum flexibility in designing their cloud resources.


World-class data centers

Maximum data security and sustainability

Our state-of-the-art and geo-redundant data centers in Germany and the Netherlands protect your data from system failures and data loss. In addition, the Open Telekom Cloud is marked with the "#GreenMagenta" label - because 100 percent of the cloud's power requirements are covered by renewable sources.

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