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Digital Innovations Tailored to the Needs of Your Industry

Digital technologies can only reach their full potential if they are optimally customized according to individual processes, strategies, and business models. We combine technological expertise with highly specialized industry know-how and the highest level of data security competence to provide you with suitable cloud solutions for the requirements of your industry.

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The sovereign cloud for your digitalized health services: Appointments, diagnoses, health data: Today, scientists, physicians, caregivers, and patients want to view and manage medical information just as easily as they view and manage their personal bank accounts. The protection and simultaneous accessibility of personal data is paramount. The Open Telekom Cloud offers you the ideal tool for this challenge.

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Public Sector

The digitalization of the public sector is imminent. In this field, particular attention is paid to the sensitive, reliable, and secure and handling of data. The Open Telekom Cloud operates in strict compliance with European data protection standards, making it an attractive parter for public administrations.

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Science & Research

The cloud turns data into knowledge. In no other sector do so many experimental datasets accumulate as in science and research - but without evaluating them, they do not yield any insights. Our cloud allows researchers to store and search through huge amounts of data, find correlations, and utilize artificial intelligence.

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The automotive industry is transitioning: electric power, connected vehicles, and autonomous driving are changing our mobility for good. In order to expedite these changes, manufacturers and suppliers require IT resources from the cloud for simulations, CAD, or as an infrastructure for their smart factory.

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Media & Broadcasting

Digitalization is permanently transforming the media industry: huge amounts of data are generated during the production, post-production, distribution, and archiving of content. When storage capacities and the speed of legacy systems reach their limit, cloud resources offer higher efficiency and agility. 

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New digital distribution channels, personalized customer approaches via data analysis, and efficient logistics and goods management - digital technologies are transforming the retail sector. The cloud enables retailers not only to quickly set up tests, but also to permanently optimize customer experiences.

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