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Shared Responsibility

Trusting cooperation in the cloud business

Shared Responsibility in Cloud Computing

Making work easier is a central promise in cloud computing. For example, the Open Telekom Cloud permanently ensures that the extensive resources are professionally installed and operated in data centers so that sufficient capacity is available at all times for the elastic needs of cloud users and has these efforts checked and certified by independent auditors. However, when it comes to the availability, integrity and confidentiality of data and systems that users operate in this cloud, they rely on a trusting cooperation with the cloud provider. This cooperation is known in the cloud business as the "shared responsibility model". This article explains what this means for the two partners.

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Responsibility has many faces

Users want reliable service availability, compliance and security. To ensure reliable operation of applications in the cloud, all parties involved are required, not just the operator of the cloud platform. 

Various responsibilities arise from the operation of applications in the cloud, such as the security goals of availability, integrity and confidentiality, but also other compliance issues, such as legal requirements for data protection or contractual regulations when using licensed software. Other typical aspects for the assumption of responsibility are the control of costs, access to the underlying cloud resources and the protection of the platform. Inevitably, only those can take responsibility over those areas over which they can exercise control. So who takes care of what?

The responsibility of cloud providers and cloud users is split fairly

Responsibility of the cloud provider

Shared Responsibility

Using platform services

Creating safety together

Technology and processes

Users are responsible for applications

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Managed Services

Cloud computing clearly separates tasks and responsibilities of IT systems and resources along the boundary between application logic and the underlying platform and infrastructure. This relieves cloud users of many tasks that are not part of their core business. Nevertheless, application-related duties of cooperation remain. Since these are specific to the application, the Open Telekom Cloud, as a provider of a generic platform, can only provide indirect support here. Users who do not wish to take over the operation of their applications or parts thereof themselves can consider the service of managed services. Many offerings are available on the market as a standardized cloud solution. In particular, other T-Systems units offer such managed services. They are very familiar with the requirements of application operation and the characteristics of the cloud platform.

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