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The automotive industry is facing radical change: Electrical drives, connected vehicles and the race to achieve autonomous driving are inspiring a variety of innovations in the sector. Drivers, in particular Millennials, are demanding new usage models for vehicles and getting around. All of these developments are inseparably linked with reliable Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructures – and cloud backends play an essential role here.

Three good reasons for the Open Telekom Cloud in the automotive industry

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Outstanding automotive expertise

T-Systems is Europe’s number one service provider for the industry.

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Accelerated development times

Software and resources at the touch of a button boost agility

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TISAX Level 3 certified for German and Netherlands

Certified as a reliable partner to the automotive industry
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Typical applications

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Virtual crash tests

Physical crash tests using real cars are cumbersome and involve high costs. For this reason, accidents are increasingly simulated in virtual form. To generate meaningful results, powerful computing resources are needed – preferably on demand. To this end, the Open Telekom Cloud offers the Bare Metal, High Performance, GPU (pass-through) and FPGA flavors.

  • Benefit from powerful computing resources at short notice
  • Use immense computing power on a temporary basis
  • Save on investments – only pay for what you need
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Computer-aided design

New car models are developed by various internal and external teams collaborating both nationally and internationally. The competitive pressure is high and innovation cycles are becoming shorter. CAD software makes a significant contribution to the development of the various components of cars – but also generates high costs. In the Open Telekom Cloud, developers can use CAD software on demand whenever they need it. This flexible deployment optimizes costs and facilitates agile development models.

  • Use GPUs for CAD and PLM as you need them
  • Support agile development
  • Reduce your time to market
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Connected cars

More and more cars on the road are connected. The operating data they generate grants new insights into automotive innovations and enables new business models for a closer customer relationship between Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and drivers. To this end, the data from test and live operations must be collected and analyzed. This results in a mixture of continuous operations and load peaks, as well as an enormous quantity of data that needs to be stored – making the cloud an ideal solution.

  • Store and analyze large quantities of data
  • Support agile development
  • Reduce your time to market
Two technicians working on a robot arm

Smart factories

With smart production, OEMs are making the transition to the next generation of factories, which feature a higher degree of automation, proactive management and optimum capacity utilization. Sensors and actuators serve to monitor machines and to adjust them optimally to current production requirements. Manufacturing execution systems and enterprise resource planning can be linked in order to integrate production and business planning. The cloud is the ideal solution for running applications, managing connected devices and analyzing production data – supplemented by Edge components depending on the situation, for example via the Open Telekom Cloud Private.

  • Increase efficiency in production
  • Detect production problems at an early stage
  • Minimize latencies thanks to Edge components

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