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Basic information for network services

Cloud computing is defined as a sourcing model that provides computing and storage capacities from pools via networks. Accordingly, the network is also an integral component of cloud computing. VPCs separate the resources of different tenants from one another, VPN and Elastic IP enable secure access via the Internet, etc. Data transfer to and within the Open Telekom Cloud is free of charge; downloading and sending out data are priced on a staggered scale based on data volume. The entire outbound data volume for a calendar month is added up and used as a basis for billing. For outbound, we split the data volume into to OBS outbound and VPC outbound. We have summarized the free and paid data transfer in the table below.

Graphic explaining the free and paid data transfer
Free and paid data transfer

Example: Network


Direct Connect (DC) and Private Link Access Service (PLAS)

Direct Connect (DC) and Private Link Access Service (PLAS) go hand in hand. With a direct connection to the Open Telekom Cloud, both services must be calculated. Billing is based on the bandwidth provided on an hourly basis. DC and PLAS provide a connection to the Open Telekom Cloud via MPLS, Ethernet Connect, Secure Cloud Gateway or Cloud Exchange (Equinix). The Direct Connect Service is charged based on the selected bandwidth. To this end, a coupling to the T-Systems data center must be provided. The costs for this are not included in the Direct Connect fee. Outbound data volumes transported via this connection are not charged separately. Volumes are billed as a flat rate for the provision of the connection. The coupling to the Open Telekom Cloud is billed based on the selected bandwidth and for each physical port used for transfer. 1 G and 10 G ports are provided for connections. Direct Connect requires a one-time set-up charge of € 249 per connection.

Explanatory graphic for Direct Connect
High-performance network connections to the Open Telekom Cloud – Direct Connect and Private Link Access Service (PLAS)

There are different scenarios for direct connections to the Open Telekom Cloud (OTC). With Ethernet Connect one-way or two-way (active/ passive) connections are possible. MPLS always has a two-way connection in active/passive mode. We always recommend a redundant connection. Currently, only a two-way active/passive connection is supported.

Graphic calculation quantities for PLAS
Calculation quantities for PLAS

Example: Direct Connect and Private Access Link example


Domain Name Service  (DNS)

With the Domain Name Service, two components are included in the billing: First, the number of domains created, and second, the number of queries/requests. The created domains are billed by the hour, while the queries are billed per million. With intensive use of the service (more than a billion inquiries per month), users receive a discount via scales.

Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)

The Open Telekom Cloud currently offers two load balancer models. The Elastic Load Balancer is a pure L7 load balancer that is charged hourly. There is also the Dedicated Load Balancer, which can be designed as an L7 or L4 load balancer, for which one instance is created each. The respective load balancer is also charged according to the AZ in which it will be used. Another parameter is the size: there are 6 different dimensions depending on the expected connections that are to be established via this service.

Other Network Services

Other billing models are used for the remaining Open Telekom Cloud network services. Elastic IP, Elastic Load Balancer, NAT Gateway Service and VPC Endpoint are charged „pay-as-you-go“ according to usage hours.

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