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Media and broadcasting

Digitalization is set to transform the media industry. Existing systems can no longer compete with today’s speed requirements and agile content delivery formats, and storage capacities are also reaching their limits. At the same time, new providers are trying gain a foothold in the market. Cloud resources offer interesting possibilities for greater efficiency and agility, both for established companies and newcomers.

Three good reasons for the Open Telekom Cloud in media and broadcasting

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Dynamic use of media software

Simple use of software suites via our partner ecosystem

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Access new distribution channels, formats and target groups

Internet-based playout for new content delivery models

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Efficient use of artificial intelligence

Reduced workload for archivists through automatic indexing of media archives

Typical applications

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News production and distribution

New media providers are posing a challenge to established media houses by developing new formats on digital channels in an agile and flexible way – and thereby taking advertising income away from classic channels. Cloud-native suites for news production, post-production and playout can be used cost-effectively and in a needs-oriented manner, for example for posting (video) news online quickly within the scope of mobile journalism.

  • Use cost-effective cloud software without the need for investment
  • Benefit from powerful computing resources when needed
  • Etablieren Sie neue Kanäle, Formate und Geschäftsmodelle
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Replacing LTO archives

Established broadcasters and media providers have collected immense quantities of data over the course of decades, which is archived on proprietary technologies such as LTO. The technology is not very future-oriented and binds media companies to a single manufacturer. Object Storage from the Open Telekom Cloud is addressed via open interfaces and enables the media archive to grow further. Recovery times and costs can be adapted to the respective business needs.

  • Adapt costs and recovery speeds to your requirements
  • Rely on future-proof technology with open standards
  • Use auto-expanding archives as an all-in-one service
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In the age of videos there are countless video formats suited to various user habits, purposes and end devices. The video material must be transcoded appropriately using software that requires vast computing resources. The cloud is ideal for temporary jobs that generate high computing loads.

  • Use and pay for powerful computing resources when you need them
  • Place your trust in T-Systems as a white-label provider from outside the sector
  • Benefit from data protection and data security thanks to a European Cloud
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Intelligent archives

Media companies possess vast quantities of information buried in gigantic archives. Specially trained staff must wade through videos in order to index them for research at a later date – a tedious and strenuous task. Artificial intelligence can make an archivists’ job easier by automating the indexing process.

  • Quicker and easier archiving of media files through automation
  • Stay in control - you retain your video files
  • Benefit from the computing resources you need at any time

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