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Public Sector

Private cloud solution for Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)

To expand to a hybrid cloud infrastructure, Swiss Federal Railways needed dedicated resources from the private cloud that were secure, flexibly scalable, and seamlessly compatible with other cloud resources.
Swiss Federal Railways SBB

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A sovereign workplace for cutting-edge research

Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin converted its workplace system to a secure and sovereign solution in response to a hacker attack. The new platform based on the Open Telekom Cloud was implemented in just two weeks.
Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

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Public cloud for public corporation

Invest in its own hardware or rely on the cloud? The Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria opted for flexible resources from Telekom's data centers. What convinced the public body and how it benefits.
Munich Chamber of Industry and Commerce

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With data analyses to the city of the future

Data, data-based implementations and data analyses for urban design – that's the business model of the Data Competence Center for Cities and Regions. This requires a powerful, growing and secure infrastructure such as the Open Telekom Cloud.
Data Competence Center for Cities and Regions

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Educational content from the cloud for Germany's schools

The Edupool tool gives students and teachers access to more than 110,00 educational content and solutions. It also includes an online-based media library and an app for digital student IDs.
Antares Project GmbH

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Corona-Warn-App: Secure from the cloud

The Corona-Warn-App is an effective means of combating the pandemic. For maximum data protection, the technical infrastructure for the solution is provided from data centers in the middle of Germany.

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Digital justice

The German judiciary is modernizing its IT landscape, so that employees can work more digitally and efficiently in the future. One of the partners in the project is T-Systems. The Deutsche Telekom subsidiary provides test support and approval. In doing so, it relies on resources from the Open Telekom Cloud.
German Judiciary

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Clear Identification of All Components in the Digital Energy System

The German Energy Agency dena sees itself as a competence centre for energy efficiency, renewable energies and intelligent energy systems. Since its foundation in 2000, dena has been contributing as an “Agency for Applied Energy Transition” to the achievement of the Federal Government’s energy and climate policy objectives.
Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena)

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Open Telekom Cloud on the curriculum

Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences relies on a hybrid cloud model for teaching and research and on Telekom's public cloud offering. The Open Telekom Cloud scores points for data protection and data security.
Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg

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Digital school thanks to Open Telekom Cloud

By moving the state education servers of Saxony-Anhalt to the Open Telekom Cloud, around two hundred thousand students were able to access learning platforms without any problems.
Landesbildungsserver Sachsen-Anhalt

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Reliable anonymization for traffic announcements

In his role as department head at Salzburg Research, Karl Rehrl is responsible for traffic announcements. The data required for these announcements is processed in the highly secure data centers of the Open Telekom Cloud.
Salzburg Research

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Health App: Digital against dementia

The Danish health scale-up Brain+ wants to enter the German market with its CST Therapist Companion. The health app against dementia relies on a platform with compliance right from the start.

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Public cloud makes secure PCR testing possible

IT specialist FORSIT developed a software platform for PCR and rapid citizen testing within a short period of time. Scalable resources from the Open Telekom Cloud ensure reliable operation of the platform.

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An algorithm for detecting tumors

Maximilian Waschka, co-founder of Fuse-AI, uses artificial intelligence to make cancer diagnoses more reliable. The company relies on the Open Telekom Cloud to keep its customers’ data secure.

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Science & Research

Mundi Web Services: New business from space

The EU provides its Earth observation data free of charge with the intention that new business models and application opportunities for mainly European users will emerge from it.
Mundi Web Services

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Finance & Insurance

Digital work and communication processes for legal firms

5FSoftware GmbH has developed an innovative solution for digitizing and optimizing work and communication processes for law firms and their clients.

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ROLAND Rechtsschutz: Optimal service thanks to the public cloud

Rapid assistance in the event of car breakdowns, financial support in the event of legal disputes: ROLAND AG offers classic legal protection and assistance services. To ensure the best performance of its applications and optimal customer service, the insurer relies on solutions from the Open Telekom Cloud.

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Business applications securely from the Open Telekom Cloud

Convincing security, reliable stability: insinno supplies its customers with tailored business applications – for example for the drone liability of the insurer HDI. The Open Telekom Cloud provides the right resources for operating them.

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Accounting from the cloud gains momentum

Accounting as Software as a Service: This is what Diamant Software offers. The highlight: The solution uses AI to automate processes and make life easier for finance departments. The powerful computing resources required for this come from the Open Telekom Cloud.
Diamant Software

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EUVIC brings regional bank securely into the cloud

A bank that uses resources from the public cloud? That seemed impossible until recently. The software company EUVIC is now proving it can be done. With a loan portal from the cloud for the regional bank Landesbank Saar that guarantees security and data protection. 

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Artificial Intelligence

Bee Smart: Bienenmonitoring mit der Open Telekom Cloud

The Austrian company BeeAndme supports beekeepers with a beehive monitor and sensors to care for their bee colonies by transferring data to the Open Telekom Cloud.

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Chatbots from the cloud

Kauz GmbH offers chatbots for simple and efficient communication with customers and employees. And benefits from the TechBoost program and the Open Telekom Cloud to get started.
Kauz GmbH

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Gigabit for all – how AI from the cloud is accelerating the fiber-optic roll-out

Make way for the gigabit society: Fiber Factory aims to put up to two million new fiber-optic connections into operation every year from 2021. Thanks to a geospatial data infrastructure and AI from the Open Telekom Cloud, FTTH planners can automate and accelerate the roll-out of networks.
Fiber Factory

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High Performance Computing

Dynamic simulation thanks to the public cloud

As a pioneer in simulation technology for product development, CADFEM relies on powerful and scalable IT resources. To meet these requirements, the company gets its computing power from the Open Telekom Cloud.

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Virtual innovation center: Coworking in three-dimensional space

T-Systems' virtual innovation center supports coworking and teaches complex technology topics in a playful way. The focus is always on the 3D avatars of customers and employees who interact realistically and in real time thanks to powerful GPUs from the public cloud.
Virtual innovation center

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twenty20 migrates completely to the Open Telekom Cloud

In-house operation or outsourcing to the cloud? The software experts at twenty20 migrated their entire application landscape: in-house applications, customized applications and SaaS offerings. Sustainability was an important criterion in the cloud selection.

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Increasing sales success thanks to efficient communication

Linkando helps sales and service-oriented organizations improve the efficiency and scalability of their digital business processes to increase sales success.

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Digital solutions: 
Secure and flexible in the cloud 

Marketing-related services hosted in the Open Telekom Cloud: The digital agency CAMAO offers its customers, among other services, web-based solutions – from online stores to websites. For hosting these, it relies on the Open Telekom Cloud.

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Digitalizing democratic processes

POLYAS GmbH specializes in online elections – simple, barrier-free, and secure. To achieve this, it digitalizes the entire election process from the preparation and voting to the counting.

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Ambient Innovation: Individual software applications from the public cloud

The Cologne-based digital agency Ambient Innovation GmbH offers its customers individualized business applications. And now also takes care of the further development and operation. The basis for this? Secure and flexible resources from the Open Telekom Cloud.
Ambient Innovation

Read More makes local retailers visible on all channels

Large online retailers snatch many customers away from local retailers. Instead of trying to compete with Amazon or eBay, they should expand their local skills through digital means, combining online and offline cloud channels in a meaningful way.

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The innovative way to save costs

Implisense provides companies with up-to-date customer data for sales activities. CTO Hannes Korte is particularly impressed with the tight security and the scalability of the Open Telekom Cloud.

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Reporting in line with German security standards

The highly secure and certified data centers of the Open Telekom Cloud are all located in Germany. This is why Bruno Pauli, CEO of Octopus Cloud AG, quickly decided that Telekom was the ideal partner for the German market.
Octopus Cloud AG

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Everything at a click with oneclick

No matter where and on what device: With the virtual desktop offering from oneclick, companies receive all business applications quickly and easily via a web portal. The platform for the solution is securely located in the Open Telekom Cloud.

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"Proof of trust": CRM from the Open Telekom Cloud

The move to the cloud is a particular challenge for CRM providers. As soon as customer data is processed, companies are particularly sensitive. Berlin-based PiSA sales relies on IT resources from the Open Telekom Cloud to ensure maximum trust in its CRM solution.
PiSA sales

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Drawing companies out of their comfort zone

Many companies are too preoccupied with themselves: They are sleeping through the digital transformation because of all the day-to-day business. The start-up platform3l has developed a solution for this. Digital impetuses meet swarm intelligence – and with the support of the public cloud.

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Certified security for customer data

Fans of technology primarily associate the name Schwaiger with satellite TV. However, CEO Mike Tänzler also relies on the certified Open Telekom Cloud for a new business idea in the smart home sector and for the data protection of its customers.

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Prepaid electricity instead of payment on account

Under the direction of its start-up subsidiary EnergieRevolte, Stadtwerke Düren is introducing innovative electricity payment models to the market. Prepaid electricity is the alternative to installment payments and subsequent payments. The billing system comes from the cloud.

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Intelligent software for power grid planning

The Intelligent Grid Platform (IGP) from the startup envelio can be used to digitalize and automate processes for planning and operating power grids. envelio offers the IGP as secure, fast, and cost-effective software as a service (SaaS) from the Open Telekom Cloud.

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Grid & Co: Software for EV charging stations

The operation of e-charging stations is complex. Electricity providers have to manage each charging station individually. The Berlin-based company Grid & Co. has developed software for this in the Open Telekom Cloud. Customers are using "Gridware" as a Software-as-a-Service offering in Telekom's public cloud.
Grid & Co

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More efficient energy management

Many companies use the software from energy measurement specialist NZR to optimize their energy management. In order to free the on-site IT from the burden of software hosting, department head Robert Holkenbrink decided to offer cloud-based software from the Open Telekom Cloud.

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Access control: How cidaas by Widas protects user profiles and businesses 

In cidaas, the software specialist Widas Group offers a solution for secure identity and access management. With it, they protect both internet users and businesses. Widas draws the scalable infrastructure for its software-as-a-service solution from the Open Telekom Cloud. 
Widas Group

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HR service provider Randstad plays it safe when it comes to data protection

Personal data is part of Randstad's core business. To comply with the GDPR, the HR service provider migrated its central MeinRandstad portal from a US hyperscaler to the Open Telekom Cloud – and in doing so continues to benefit from highly scalable cloud services and cost control.

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neXenio: How digital access control protects businesses

From research project to market-ready product: Security by Design or how neXenio's smart IT solutions make collaboration highly secure.

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Managing sensitive documents securely

Jan Baksa Lesjak digitalizes processes such as invoices with his software company 42DBS. In doing so, he places his trust in the GDPR-compliant Open Telekom Cloud.

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Complex simulations in IT security

KORAMIS simulates production plants in digital form and analyzes hacker attacks on them. To save costs, department head Marco Di Filippo only uses Open Telekom Cloud servers when he really needs them.

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Data exchange with end-to-end encryption

Segusoft founder Arno Klein enables companies to exchange data securely and without any software via their web browser. The Open Telekom Cloud provides the perfect encryption for this.

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Nordkurier Media Group: A publishing house from the public cloud

Changing user behavior and new, digital media are forcing newspaper publishers to transform their traditional business with printed daily newspapers and magazines, which has been successful for many decades. How the Nordkurier Media Group is shaping its digital transformation with the public cloud.
Nordkurier Media Group

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