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Pricing Models: Management & Applications

Services related to your cloud operations

Basic information for management tools

Management services are generally free of charge. This applies for the use of the Price Online Display (the displaying of costs when activating services), Cloud Eye (resource monitoring) and Cloud Trace (monitoring of access to resources).

For management services that trigger follow-up activities (Distributed Messaging Service — DMS, Simple Message Notification — SMN), there are basic free contingents. Usage in excess of the basic free contingent incurs costs for the excess amount. This can include costs for network services.

Distributed Messaging Service (DMS)

Distributed Messaging Service is measured in terms of the number of API calls and queues triggered. The first 1 million calls per month are free, after which € 1 is charged per million calls. Hence 7.5 million API calls incur costs of € 6.50. Kafka Premium is also available as part of the DMS. Kafka Premium is billed according to the size of the instance and allocated storage according to the hours used.

Simple Message Notifikation (SMN)

SMN can trigger a range of different actions: sending of text messages, e-mails, http calls, or API calls. These actions can entail the transmission of large volumes of data.

Free contingent

Costs for actions in excess of the free contingent






2.1c/100,000 E-Mails

http Calls


10c/1,000,000 Calls

API Calls

1 Mio.

1 per 1 Mio. Calls


*Note: Triggering an SMS could provoke significant additional costs!
Free contingents and costs for SMN (each use of SMS, e-mail and http call triggers an API call)


Enterprise Agreement

The Enterprise Agreement has been designed for customers with particularly high requirements and tezh desire for more direct support. The Enterprise Agreement is offered in three versions: silver, gold and platinum. A customer can book one of the packages as required. One package can be ordered for every tenant. Each tenant is then entitled to the corresponding service, which does not have to be uniform across the company. Since the provision of the Enterprise Agreement takes eight weeks, the billing only starts after this period. Enterprise agreements are only available to direct sales customers. If you are interested, contact our service desk.

Financial/Enterprise Dashboard

The Financial Dashboard is available to users of the Open Telekom Cloud free of charge. This allows customers to have on overview of services used and costs incurred on a daily basis. If this financial dashboard cannot meet all of the users‘ requirements (e.g. internal billing), T-Systems can provide an advanced enterprise dashboard. This is available in three paid versions. The Enterprise Dashboard can be ordered via the service desk. The services and costs for the Enterprise Dashboards can be found in the table below.

API access

Dashboard Self Service


Organization Mgmt

Price (per month)






€ 50 






€ 100

Extra Large





€ 250

Financial Dashboard – Enterprise Variant

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