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Enhance your expertise in the Open Telekom Cloud and document your competence with a certificate.

Steer your cloud projects to success with our certification

Get to know each and every facet of the Open Telekom Cloud. Acquire the knowledge you need to make your projects a success.

  • Demonstrate your knowledge and expertise to third parties with the Open Telekom Cloud certificate.
  • Use all our services confidently and with comprehensive expertise.
  • Our certification for users is free of charge. If you are new to the cloud world, you can learn the basics of the Open Telekom Cloud step by step via an online training course. For experienced users, we offer the opportunity to be tested directly and receive the certificate immediately.
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Our certifications

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Introduction: Essentials

  • The certification is designed for sales, cloud beginners and consultants.
  • Recommended preparation for this certification: Business Navigator self-study
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Level 1: Fundamentals

  • The certification is designed for sales, cloud beginners and (technical) consultants.
  • Recommended preparation for this certification: Fundamentals Trainings
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Level 2: Practitioner

  • The certification is designed for technical consultants, Cloud Engineers, Cloud Architects.
  • Recommended preparation for this certificate: Practitioner online self-training
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Level 3: Architect

  • The certification is designed for technical consultants, Cloud Engineers and Cloud Architects.
  • Recommended preparation for this certificate: Architect training course

How it works

You can purchase your Open Telekom Cloud certificate directly in our e-learning center. You can then download the certificate and badges immediately after successfully passing the test.

Open Telekom Cloud certification: Sign-up screen

1. Register

Sign up on our e-learning platform. Assign yourself a user name and password, then confirm your email address.

Open Telekom Cloud certification: exam screen

2. Take the tests

Click the Exam modules for direct access to the multiple-choice tests.

Open Telekom Cloud certificate

3. Receive your certificate

Successfully complete all three exams for authorization to download the certificate and corresponding badges.

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