Open Telekom Cloud for Business Customers

Fundamentals training course

How to use the Open Telekom Cloud in practice

You already know that the Open Telekom Cloud offers a wide range of possibilities for your business. Nonetheless, you are unsure of how to use the Open Telekom Cloud in practice – how do you generate a backup from the cloud? How do you set up a server for your application or operate it?

In our interactive user training courses, you will be provided with first-hand information on the basics of the Open Telekom Cloud. You will receive all the tools you need to start your own projects. You’ll see – it’s not difficult at all.

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Get started with the Open Telekom Cloud: Our four basic modules give you a comprehensive introduction.


Interactive training courses for users

  • Our interactive trainings are each designed as 1-day trainings. The curriculum encompasses four basic modules that provide you with a comprehensive introduction to working with the Open Telekom Cloud. Of course, we will answer all of your questions.
  • We use videos and demonstrate how you can use the functions available in the Open Telekom Cloud in order to take full advantage of the cloud’s potential.
  • Experienced instructors and cloud experts, who themselves use the Open Telekom Cloud productively, will present essential basic information all the way up to tailored use in your company.
  • The training courses are designed for cloud beginners who already have basic technical knowledge.
  • In addition, you can obtain the Open Telekom Cloud Certificate via our e-learning platform which you can use to verify your expertise to third parties. All this requires is the successful completion of a multiple-choice test.
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Use the four learning modules to train your knowledge of the cloud

Develop the skills and basics you need to use the Open Telekom Cloud safely and confidently for your daily work. The module contents describe the services performed. The combination of topics in the individual modules may change in order to optimize the respective course.

Modul 1: BASICS

Modul 2: NETWORK



Note: The modules described here act as a type of service description.

Prices and training options

We offer our training courses as open or closed training. Upon request, we will conduct closed training as in-house seminars. This may be of interest, for example, for companies which want to familiarize entire teams with the possibilities offered by the Open Telekom Cloud.

The listed prices apply to the entire curriculum consisting of four modules. All training courses are held in either German or English. You will receive all the training documents in English following the end of the training. Online training courses use the Cisco Webex Meetings platform.



Open training
For participants from various companies

For Free
instead of €199 per participant
Number of participants: min. 12, max 30

In-house seminars
Dates by arrangement for your company only

€199 per participant
Number of participants: min. 12, max 30

€3,000 per training course (package price)
Number of participants: max 30

€500 per participant
Number of participants: min. 8, max 16

€4,800 per training course (package price)
Number of participants: max 16


Note: Events booked as a package will always be held regardless of the minimum number of participants.


Our next dates for open training

Our open training courses take place on Fridays. We use Cisco WebEx as a platform.

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Document your cloud expertise with a certificate

Demonstrate your newly acquired expertise of the Open Telekom Cloud to customers and colleagues. Receive your certificate and corresponding badges directly in our e-learning center.

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