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Data storage

Who really wants to constantly expand their storage resources and manage the growing data pool? Data storage is more a duty than a unique selling point – and in many companies eats up vast resources for planning and administration. The cloud offers storage as a service – with the right storage format for the respective data scenario. And since the storage capacity automatically expands, it is the ideal solution for constantly growing mountains of data.

Three good reasons for the Open Telekom Cloud in data storage

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The right storage variant for every scenario

Block storage and Object Storage in various classes, as well as the Salable File Service

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Store limitless amounts of data

Cloud storage is future-proof and grows along with your requirements

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Storage as an all-in-one service

No storage management or capacity planning needed

Typical applications

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Data lakes

Companies hold large quantities of data from various sources. Analysis of this data across multiple databases offers new impetus for optimizing business. However, appropriate models for analysis are often not available. Should companies dispense with this data due to a lack of storage resources? Object Storage from the Open Telekom Cloud offers a cost-effective alternative for archiving this data.

  • Opt for reliable long-term storage
  • Benefit from a cost-effective all-in-one service
  • No need for time-consuming planning of storage resources
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Backups are an essential tool for risk prevention. No company wants to lose its data. Alongside local and internal storage media, today many established providers of backup software also offer clouds as a storage location. They are easy to use and offer smaller companies in particular an efficient and cost-effective alternative to using their own resources for data storage. Furthermore, IT management staff have to perform fewer monotonous standard tasks.

  • Benefit from ISO-certified operating processes
  • Establish a state-of-the-art backup strategy
  • Benefit from a high degree of data security
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Disaster recovery

Business-critical applications must be protected against failure. This is generally guaranteed through a redundant design in various data center locations. A hybrid approach can also be taken in which companies use the Open Telekom Cloud as a disaster recovery location. The locally separated operation of the infrastructures (with different management) provides the business application with additional protection against failure.

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