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Open Telekom Cloud gets third availability zone (AZ3)

by Editorial team

Companies will soon be able to make their IT configurations in the Open Telekom Cloud even more redundant and thus more fail-safe: Availability Zone 3 (AZ3) is now available in the highly secure and multiple-certified data centers.

In a green meadow: The data center in Biere near Magdeburg has space for up to 100,000 servers.
Large grey building on a green area: The data center in Biere, where Telekom's public cloud is hosted 

Even more reliable cloud resources

Previously, the Open Telekom Cloud already offered two operating units, the twin-core data centers in Magdeburg and Biere in Saxony-Anhalt, in which companies could mirror their systems with the help of redundancy in order to protect themselves from outages. The Biere site has recently been significantly expanded: The data center now provides space for up to 100,000 servers across over 11,000 square meters. This has created another physically separate and isolated zone of the Open Telekom Cloud in Biere. Together with the AZ in Magdeburg, there are now three availability zones. These three independent cloud areas are interconnected with a low latency, a high performance and redundant networks.

Reliability thanks to redundancy: The operating team takes care of the IT resources in Biere 24/7.
Telekom employee looks at a row of computer screens

Lower probability of failure and thus higher availability

"For us as a provider, the expansion in Biere was necessary in order to meet the exponentially growing demand for our public cloud services," says Martin Jungklaus, cloud architect at Deutsche Telekom. "The three availability zones now offer our customers an even simpler and more effective way to develop and run applications and databases. Compared to traditional infrastructures with one or more data centers, these are highly available, fault tolerant, and scalable."

New: Shared volumes integrated into backups

In addition to the third availability zone, there is another new feature: From now on the Open Telekom Cloud’s Cloud Server Backup Service (CSBS) will provide even better protection against data loss. That’s because, as of March 1, the CSBS will also be able to integrate shared volumes. This is relevant, for example, for IT systems in which several virtual machines simultaneously access an Elastic Volume Storage (EVS). Starting in March, users of the Open Telekom Cloud can configure a policy in the CSBS that also takes in account backups of the assigned servers’ shared EVS. This ensures that users receive full backups at all times, even in complex environments.

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