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Open Telekom Cloud top in price, storage and computing

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Two arms holding up a trophy, surrounded by other arms grabbing for it.
Top performance: The Open Telekom Cloud performs very well in a comparison of public cloud providers. Picture: iStockphoto/vchal

Top marks for price/performance, computing power and reading speed: The Open Telekom Cloud got the highest scores on many levels in direct comparison with corresponding services from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Compute Engine. This is the result of the "Western Europe Cloud Service Provider Analysis" study which has just been published by Cloud Spectator, the leading analyst firm for standardized cloud benchmarks.

Open Telekom Cloud: "Superior overall performance“

Computing power, storage performance in the block storage and the price/performance ratio were all put to the test for the study. In the comparison with its competitors, the Open Telekom Cloud achieved the best results in the categories "CPU and Memory Performance Multi Core," "Storage Read Performance," "CPU Performance per Euro" and "Storage Read Performance per Euro." In their summary of the results the analysts wrote: “T-Systems’ Open Telekom Cloud provided superior overall performance and value compared to the latest offerings from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Compute Engine.”

Between 8 and 100 percent more computing power

As part of the study, Cloud Spectator tested and compared three different virtual machines (VMs), each with 2, 4 and 8 vCPUs and a 1:4 vCPU-RAM ratio. The analysts used the well-known GeekBench4 Suite to test the computing power. The result: “T-Systems’ Open Telekom Cloud VMs displayed excellent performance in each observed performance dimension,” according to the study's evaluation. “The standard s2 VMs displayed performance advantages over other VMs ranging from an 8 percent minimum across 8 vCPU offerings to 48 percent within the 2 vCPU group. Additionally, T-Systems high-performance c3 ECS’s delivered better performance than competing VMs ranging from 41 percent against rival 4 vCPU solutions to over 100 percent amongst the largest VMs.”

Bar chart with partial results of the Cloud Spectator study
Cloud’s virtual machines with virtual multi-core processors. Graphic: Cloud Spectator

Objective comparison regarding price and performance

"These types of benchmarks are valuable indicators for companies as public cloud providers are usually difficult to compare because virtual computing resources can often achieve completely different performances despite the same technical data," says Tristram Wörmann, Product Manager Open Telekom Cloud at T-Systems. "Cloud Spectator's provider analysis offers companies the opportunity to objectively compare the price and performance of the most important public cloud providers in Europe."

Bar chart with partial results of the Cloud Spectator study
Significantly better performance in direct comparison: The Open Telekom Cloud’s virtual machines with virtual multi-core processors. Graphic: Cloud Spectator

For the study, Cloud Spectator's cloud analysts compared the calculated computing and storage speed with the monthly costs. This gave them a value representing the performance per euro spent. In the “CPU Performance” category, five of the six ECS flavors in the Open Telecom Cloud portfolio that were tested took the lead in the price/performance benchmark.

Above-average reading speed in block storage

The Open Telekom Cloud was also able to set itself apart from the competition in the area of "Block Storage Read Performance." The public cloud offer achieved significantly higher values than its rivals. “T-Systems’ OTC Ultra-High I/O block storage dominated read performance, exceeding 103,000 IOPs, with combined average performance gains of 15x over other providers.”

Bar chart showing the reading speed of the block storage within the Open Telekom Cloud.
103,801 IOPs: In terms of reading speed, the Open Telekom Cloud’s block storage clearly outperforms the competition. Graphic: Cloud SpectatorBar chart showing the reading speed of the block storage within the Open Telekom Cloud.

Open Telekom Cloud once again in the lead

In 2016 Cloud Spectator already conducted an equivalent benchmark study. Back then, the Open Telekom Cloud had already performed excellently. In the areas of price/performance ratio and storage performance, no other provider performed better in 2016. Cloud Spectator stated at the time that users of the Open Telekom Cloud had a quarter more computing power for the same price compared to the competition.

Interested users can download the “Western Europe Cloud Service Provider Analysis” from Cloud Spectator here.

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