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Open Telekom Cloud shines in benchmarking test

by Editorial team

In this article, you will learn,

  • why comparing cloud providers can be difficult
  • how Open Telekom Cloud’s performance wowed in the Cloud Spectator benchmarking test
  • why Open Telekom Cloud offers an outstanding price / performance ratio
Open Telekom Cloud - Shines in benchmarking
Open Telekom Cloud showed an outstanding performance for storage and the best price/performance ratio in terms of computing with users receiving about 25% more compute power compared to the market leaders

When purchasing anything – bread, milk, breakfast cereals, washing powder – price is always a simple and clear factor in the buying decision. However, supermarket shoppers need to make some quick calculations when they start comparing prices of different branded products.

Cloud service comparison – it’s not only about the price

The same principal applied for the cloud for quite a long time; impressive low prices were a decisive factor when making a purchase. However, prices from Vendor A cannot necessarily be compared to prices from Vendor B simply because of the variation in hardware used, fluctuating exchange rates and different pricing models. Absolute claims such as “0.9 cent for on vCPU/1GB RAM VM” suggest comparison is simple. However, this is a naïve assessment of the situation: the definition of a vCPU can vary considerably. Overbooking, high utilization, hardware and poor management can influence the performance of a vCPU. Above all, an infrastructure cloud user should consider one central aspect; What do I get exactly for my money? Remember, differences in VM performance outputs across IaaS providers can greatly affect the quality of service as well as annual operating costs.

Some of our users run their own benchmarking and afterwards give us feedback that Open Telekom Cloud is doing well. But we wanted to know exactly what that means.

OPEN TELEKOM CLOUD – Cloud Spectator confirms outstanding price/performance

Cloud Spectator in Boston is the leading analyst of the standardized cloud market. They also publish a Cloud Price Performance Report where, leading public cloud providers are tested on their price/performance ratio. In their tests, the analysts use the resources like a regular user would – registering on the self-service portal of the respective provider, configuring the machines and then starting their benchmarking loads. The standardized benchmarks used to check cloud computing performance are the Geekbench 3 benchmark for computing and the fio benchmark for storage.

At the end of 2016, Cloud Spectator tested the Open Telekom Cloud and compared the results of computing and storage to those of the market leaders. In this test, Open Telekom Cloud showed an outstanding performance for storage and the best price/performance ratio in terms of computing with users receiving about 25% more compute power compared to the market leaders. Storage performance was even more impressive as Open Telekom Cloud offered the highest median and maximum values in disc performance. Additionally, the price/performance ratio was considerably higher than those of the competitors tested.

Cloud Spectator tested 2 vCPU, 4 vCPU and 8 vCPU machines with various RAM configurations over a 24-hour period. All providers’ resources were fetched from European data centres.

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