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T-Systems attends iX Cloud & OpenStack Day in Cologne

by Editorial team

In Cologne, November 15, 2016 was all about the OpenStack open-source software project, which has become the basis for numerous clouds. Various OpenStack solutions were presented and discussed in a range of presentations.

Bernd Rederlechner and Boris Folgmann from T-Systems were there to present the Open Telekom Cloud, which is also based on OpenStack.

  • How the T-Systems experts presented the added value of the Open Telekom Cloud to a specialist audience at the iX Cloud & OpenStack Day in Cologne;
  • What lay in store for the participants at the event;
  • The highlights of the iX Cloud- & OpenStack Day in Cologne;
  • The role of the OpenStack ecosystem in the context of cloud computing.
OpenStack Day in Cologne
The unofficial slogan of the iX Cloud & OpenStack Day was: “You show me your cloud, I’ll show you mine!”

The Open Telekom Cloud at the iX Cloud & OpenStack Day in Cologne

The T-Systems integration experts Bernd Rederlechner, Lead Architect Cloud & Enterprise, and Boris Folgmann, Senior Multi-Cloud Architect, are an experienced team. The two have already given presentations on the benefits of the Open Telekom Cloud at numerous events, including at the iX Cloud & OpenStack Day in Cologne in 2016.

During their presentation, the experts not only explained the functions of the Open Telekom Cloud, but also presented a live demo from a real customer scenario. In comparison to other cloud presentations, this was a major advantage: “In contrast to other speakers who only have PowerPoint with them, the live demo is a convincing way of showing that the Open Telekom Cloud exists and really works!” T-Systems thereby made its presence felt at the event – and successfully demonstrated the diverse range of functions offered by the Open Telekom Cloud.

“You show me your cloud, I’ll show you mine!”

Obviously, networking also plays an important role at trade events such as the iX Cloud & OpenStack Day in Cologne, a fact the two cloud architects make no secret of: “People need to understand that T-Systems has real, hands-on experience with the cloud and can therefore help people bring resources to the cloud – so it ultimately pays off for customers!”

But the main aim of the iX Cloud & OpenStack Day is not just to talk to potential customers: The unofficial motto of the event is “You show me your cloud, I’ll show you mine!”

As such, the opportunity for exchange provides further added value for the majority of those present. No self-proclaimed cloud guru, no renowned OpenStack expert is omniscient when it comes to the cloud and OpenStack, which makes it all the more important to be able to listen to solutions from other cloud players first-hand. Bernd Rederlechner puts it in a nutshell: “It is very beneficial to look at different solutions and understand what each organization is doing to address the cloud.” One such solution was developed by the retail group Metro, which succeeded in going live with its own commercially viable cloud environment based on OpenStack.

Another highlight for the T-Systems participants was a presentation by a law firm that summarized the legal aspects of running an application in the cloud in an easily digestible manner. In the context of cloud computing, this “is a hot topic for many and often leads to hesitation and uncertainty among customers – the presentation was a pleasant change in this rather technical setting and a genuine benefit for those present.”

It’s not only the Open Telekom Cloud that relies on OpenStack

There is an obvious reason why an entire day was dedicated to the OpenStack open-source cloud computing software in Cologne: Although there are alternatives to OpenStack for creating clouds – Telekom vCloud for example, does not need OpenStack – many clouds such as the Open Telekom Cloud rely on the free OpenStack project because it is available freely and has a large community that is still growing.

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