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Enterprise Dashboard: A better control of cloud costs

by Editorial team

Telekom only recently presented the final version of its free Financial Dashboard for the Open Telekom Cloud: An online overview that allows companies to always keep an eye on their public cloud costs. Telekom is now expanding this information offering with an even more detailed version that includes an extended range of functions. The new Enterprise Dashboard, the first release of which will be available in the first quarter of 2019, provides organizations with a more detailed view of their cloud usage and even better cost control. The dashboard's capabilities will continue to be expanded throughout 2019.

Automated cost control via interface to own systems

The new Enterprise Dashboard can be easily integrated into the company's own systems. Using standardized interfaces, companies can, for example, seamlessly integrate the dashboard into their SAP ERP system. In this way, they not only gain a better overview of their cloud costs, but can also automate billing and cost-planning processes, making them faster, easier and much more precise.

They can do so, for example, by allocating certain resources from the Open Telekom Cloud to defined project teams and by defining financial ceilings. If necessary, the Enterprise Dashboard automatically issues a warning as soon as the costs approach a certain threshold.

Fine-graded chart from the Enterprise Dashboard that displays an overview of the cloud resources used in the Open Telekom Cloud
More details at a glance: A screenshot from the Open Telekom Cloud’s new Enterprise Dashboard

An example: The Enterprise Dashboard can be used by a company's purchasing department to determine that it should receive an alert via email or SMS as soon as a certain portion of the budget has been used up. This allows the purchasing department to be alerted early, before the available budget is consumed, and as a result it can choose to either release a new budget or coordinate with the relevant department. And the new Enterprise Dashboard can also be used to automatically shut down certain resources once a threshold is reached, in order to ensure that the costs are covered.

Calculate more accurately: Pricing in overhead costs directly

In addition, the purchasing department can integrate overhead costs into the prices of resources in the Enterprise Dashboard. This allows companies to include any administrative costs incurred in the internal management of resources directly in the internal prices in order to reflect the actual costs incurred. This gives them an immediate overview of all costs actually incurred in certain departments through the use of cloud resources.

A pie chart from the Enterprise Dashboard that displays an overview of the cloud resources used in the Open Telekom Cloud
Pie chart: The Enterprise Dashboard shows at a glance which costs are incurred by which resources

What’s more, companies can adapt the Open Telekom Cloud’s Enterprise Dashboard to their individual needs. "In this way, companies receive their own individual dashboard that is tailored precisely to the needs of their business," says Holger Schultheiss of T-Systems. "Programming skills are not required for this.”

The beta test phase starts in January and, after that, the new Enterprise Dashboard will be available to all Open Telekom Cloud customers. The price will be 95 euros per month per tenant.

If you have any questions about the new Enterprise Dashboard, you can reach experts from Deutsche Telekom's Service Delivery Management at DD-OTC-SDM(at)

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