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High availability data centers

Reliable cloud services in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland

Learn more about the three European-based sites of the Open Telekom Cloud and how they ensure maximum data security and availability. The data centers support the growth of the cloud: between June 2021 and December 2022, it grew by 80 percent; computing capacities increased by 54 percent. As a result, the Open Telekom Cloud offered a storage capacity of 770 PB in December 2022.

Europakarte mit Standorten der Open Telekom Cloud Rechenzentren in Deutschland, den Niederlanden und der Schweiz

Twin-core principle and georedundancy

With our twin-core data centers providing separate availability zones (AZ) in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, we can offer high availability for the European region and guarantee secure and reliable cloud services.


In addition, our data centers meet all recommendations of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) regarding georedundant data storage, ensure maximum availability and fail-safety. Their distance safeguard service availability in the event of natural disasters or other failures. Our data centers exceed BSI requirements with up to 500 kilometers between sites.


The advantages of the twin-core and georedundancy approach are apparent: data is stored in multiple versions on request, and even in the event of the complete failure of a data center or an entire region, operations are secured. The data centers in Magdeburg/Biere form the EU-DE region, the data centers in Aalsmeer/Almere the EU-NL region. The two areas are connected by default via a high-speed network. The Swiss Open Telekom Cloud in Bern/Zollikofen is available as a completely self-sufficient community cloud and can be linked to the other regions if required.

Schematic representation of the availability zones in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland


  • Data centers in Magdeburg/Biere
  • Conformity with German data protection law
  • State-of-the-art and secure data centers
  • Compliance with German data protection laws and ISO certifications
  • High availability and reliability for business-critical applications

The Netherlands

  • Data centers in Aalsmeer/Almere
  • Secure data centers with ISO certifications  
  • High availability for critical applications  
  • Support for companies that need to comply with the EU GDPR
  • Compliance with Dutch data protection laws


  • The Swiss Open Telekom Cloud is especially developed for the Swiss market  
  • Same standards and service levels like the public Open Telekom Cloud  
  • Data centers in Bern/Zollikofen in Switzerland for highest  data protection requirements  
  • Compliance with Swiss data protection laws and certifications  
  • High availability and reliability for business-critical applications in Switzerland

Service Level

Advanced Service Levels and Managed Cloud Operations Infographic

Our Enterprise Support Agreement provides you with a dedicated contact for all your questions and concerns. In addition, a premium SLA guarantees highest availability and maximum performance.


99.999% Availability

The combination of twin-core technology, the internal Zero Outage quality assurance program and the top security precautions result in a permanent maximum data center availability of 99.999 percent. This level corresponds to the Tier 3+ security level according to the Uptime Institute.


Premium Service Level Agreement

The Open Telekom Cloud offers a Premium Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees maximum availability and performance. With our SLA, you can be sure that your applications and services are always available and that we will help you quickly and reliably in the event of disruptions.


Cloud resilience and shared responsibility

Ensuring high performance and reliable services is one of the main requirements of cloud infrastructure. Failures and downtimes jeopardize business operations. They consume time, money and reduce end user satisfaction. Therefore, effective business continuity management that protects systems and infrastructure against attacks and disruptions is essential.


It is important to bear in mind: In a public cloud, the principle of “shared responsibility” applies. This means that it is clearly defined which measures are the responsibility of the provider and which are the responsibility of the customer. This means that the operation of services in a cloud is a matter for both the provider and the customer.


You would like unburden yourself from cloud management? Then consider using Managed Services.


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