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Resource Management Service (RMS)

When a large number of cloud resources are purchased as an enterprise scales in growth, the current resource status needs to be obtained from multiple dimensions, meaning the resource relationships cannot be quickly queried. Resource Management Service (RMS) solves this by enabling you to centrally manage your cloud resources.

It allows you to view the resources you own, resource details and resource relationships.

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As of the first release, you will start working with My Resources and its corresponding functionalities listed here:




My Resources

Querying all resources

You can query the information about all your resources such as the resource name, region, service, resource type, and enterprise project.

Querying details about a resource

You can query the details about a single resource within the current account, such as the resource name, creation time, and specifications.

Filtering resources

You can set a filter criterion (resource name, resource ID, tag, or enterprise project) to quickly find out required resources.

Exporting resource information

You can export the information about required resources in a CSV file.

Viewing relationships of a resource

You can view the relationships of a resource.

Reasons for RMS in the Open Telekom Cloud

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Resource relationships

You can easily find out the other associated resources of any resource on the RMS management console.

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Filter resources

Quickly find required resources using the filter function.

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Service consumption

Using RMS, only the consumed services and their corresponding usage is displayed.

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Full usage in a region

RMS is the easiest way for admins to find the full resource consumption on the Open Telekom Cloud. They are able to directly access specific resources without to jump into every project in your region.

RMS Architecture

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Use Case

You are able to list all resources within a single console, and by usage of the query search functionality are also able to directly access them, checking their relationship with other resources. This helps administartors and architects to verify resource dependencies and to get an overview of how resources could be linked to existing ones.

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View Resource Relationship 


New Features

New Resource Management Service is now available in EU-DE regionView Details
OBS supports RMS in EU-DEView Details

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