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The best of two cloud worlds

As a combination of private and public cloud, hybrid clouds offer companies the best of two worlds. The low latency, high security and control inherent to private clouds operated in an in-house data center is combined with scalable resources for load peaks, usage-based billing and access to the latest services available in public clouds. For companies looking to implement a hybrid solution, Open Telekom Cloud offers both components from its certified, highly secure data centers. You can also use these components on dedicated hardware to increase security further.

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Advantages of the Open Telekom Cloud Private

We are the only provider to offer a managed hybrid cloud model based on OpenStack – and this is how you benefit from our solution:

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Flexibility, efficiency and security: Our hybrid cloud combines the best of two worlds.

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Managed services reduce the burden on your IT and ensure quick availability.


REFERENcePrivate cloud solution for Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)

To expand to a hybrid cloud infrastructure, Swiss Federal Railways needed dedicated resources from the private cloud that were secure, flexibly scalable, and seamlessly compatible with other cloud resources.

To reference

How your company can benefit from the hybrid cloud

The choice is yours – operate private cloud services in your data center or with Deutsche Telekom.

Easy scalability, uniform user experience and lower operating costs thanks to a consistent hardware and software basis.

Private instances can be operated separately from the public infrastructure, making it easier to comply with guidelines.


Our end-to-end-package: We manage your Hybrid Cloud

With our managed services, you don’t have to think about implementation, operation, maintenance or servicing of your hybrid cloud – Deutsche Telekom experts will handle these tasks in line with highest security standards. Our experts also guarantee maximum reliability for on-premise resources within a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Your benefits:

  • Excellent service: Deutsche Telekom experts will take care of implementation, operation, maintenance and servicing.
  • Ready for use: Only cooling, connections to a power supply and a network are required.
  • No initial investment: Since both the public and the private instance are leased, a high one-off investment is not necessary.

Our Managed Hybrid Cloud Service contains the following services: 

  • Implementation, operation, maintenance
  • Operating status monitoring
  • 24/7 standard support
  • Software updates and hardware maintenance
Two employees work on the PC.

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Scalable from S to L: 
Our packages for the private cloud

Every hybrid cloud infrastructure requires a lot of careful planning. Especially the size of the private cloud must be selected carefully, as it cannot be scaled as easily as the public cloud. Open Telekom Cloud Private thus features three basic configurations to cover all scenarios: S, M and L. Depending on your needs, these configurations can be expanded with CPU, RAM, block and object storage, as well as additional services.

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Package S

1 availability zone

≥ 224 physical CPUs

≥ 3 TB RAM

≥ 51 TB block storage

≥ 1,1 PB Object storage

SLA: 99,9%

A medium shirt with an M on it.

Package M

2 availability zones

≥ 784 physical CPUs

≥ 12 TB RAM

≥ 2 * 51 TB block storage

≥ 1,1 PB Object storage

SLA: 99,95%

A large shirt with an L on it.

Package L

3 availability zones

≥ 1.456 physical CPUs

≥ 23 TB RAM

≥ 2 * 204 TB block storage

≥ 5,5 PB Object storage

SLA: 99,95%



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