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Data protection and compliance

Maximum safety for carefree working.

Our services fully meet the stringent requirements of GDPR. That’s why we made our product the first to be certified by an independent institute. As such, we can guarantee that Open Telekom Cloud offers the very highest security standards.

The Open Telekom Cloud – 100% compliant with the GDPR

Because the data centers of the Open Telekom Cloud are located in Germany and the Netherlands, your data will never leave Europe. As a result, you can rest assured that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is fully complied with at all times.

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Hosted in Germany and the Netherlands

Compliance with the GDPR depends on the location of a cloud provider’s data centers or where the personal data is stored and processed.
Does your business model only allow for data processing in Germany? Then we will provide your resources in the Open Telekom Cloud together with data backup in German data centers. Are you planning a project across multiple countries or do you value geo-redundancy with a distance of more than 200 kilometers between the data centers? Then our twin-core data center in Amsterdam is also available to you.


Certified and transparent compliance with the highest security and privacy requirements

The Service Organization Controls (SOC) reports, known as SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3, are standardized frameworks for auditing service providers. SOC 1 focuses on internal controls over financial reporting. SOC 2 covers the five Trust Service Criteria: security, confidentiality, process integrity, availability, and privacy. SOC 3 is an abbreviated version of SOC 2 and, unlike the latter, is publicly available.

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For European Data Sovereignty – Schrems II & GAIA-X

With the Schrems II ruling of July 2020, which overturned the EU/US Privacy Shield, it is clear that cloud offerings serving European users must comply with European standards. At the same time, it is also in the interest of many European companies to retain full control over their data - this is one of the key points addressed by the European GAIA-X initiative. With the Open Telekom Cloud, companies kill two birds with one stone: they retain full data sovereignty and avoid risks arising from the US Cloud Act or Schrems II.


Compliance with industry-specific regulations (German Law)
– professional secrecy holders & social data

The Open Telekom Cloud facilitates the secure processing of data of professional secrecy holders according to § 203 of the German Criminal Code (StGB), e.g., elected attorneys, doctors, auditors or legal departments in companies and social data in accordance with Section 35 of the German Social Security Code I (§ 35 SGB I), e.g., data from health insurance companies or medical clearinghouses.

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We are officially ready for GDPR with the Trusted Cloud seal

Following a resolution by the German Bundestag, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy can award cloud providers the Trusted Cloud seal. Open Telekom Cloud fully complies with the comprehensive requirements and can officially carry this title.

Find out more (only in German)


Together with the Open Telekom Cloud, we guarantee dynamic scalability for cidaas, an extremely high availability level of 99.99 percent, security, and of course GDPR compliance.

Sadrick Widmann, CEO of Widas

What we mean by security

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Our data centers

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Zero Outage

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Confidential Computing


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