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GAIA-X – the Sovereign Cloud

Europe is positioning itself for full data sovereignty. The Open Telekom Cloud is ready today.

Data sovereignty for Europe

Data sovereignty is the central goal that the European GAIA-X initiative has set itself. In other words, with a European concept, companies of all sizes should be able to take advantage of the flexibility and innovative power of the complete cloud stack, while at the same time having the security of always remaining the master of their data. This applies not only to company secrets, but also to personal data - and at the same time the European requirements for data protection, among other things, are met.

Map of Europe with networked light points

So why wait?

Get started now with a powerful cloud that offers full data sovereignty.
Our GAIA-X expert Fabian Placht will be happy to advise you!


Deutsche Telekom stands by GAIA-X

Deutsche Telekom is one of the founding members of GAIA-X and is helping to shape the standards and underlying principles - with the aim of creating a basis for data sovereignty. At the same time, Deutsche Telekom is working on GAIA-X-compliant solutions for the European digital ecosystem. In doing so, it leverages its expertise in open source and is thus a competent partner for the step into a sovereign data world.

Claudia Nemat

We at Deutsche Telekom are proud to be part of the GAIA-X project. In close cooperation with our partners, we want to build a European data ecosystem and thus ensure European data sovereignty.

Deutsche Telekom Board Member responsible for Technology and Innovation
Claudia Nemat

Open Source: The key to GAIA-X and the Open Telekom Cloud

Graphic of the GAIA-X implementation principles
GAIA-X Implementation Principles

GAIA-X relies on open source

The Sovereign Cloud from GAIA-X relies on an open software ecosystem for its technical implementation, which on the one hand enables digital solutions and on the other hand can be operated on a wide range of infrastructures. Open standards play an essential role in this. Open source will be one of the drivers of GAIA-X. This creates technical independence and enables self-determined development. On this basis, a variety of initiatives are already underway in the European countries, for example, for the establishment of so-called Data Spaces for various industries.

Graphic Logo openstack and Open Telekom Cloud

Ready for GAIA-X: Open Telekom Cloud

The Open Telekom Cloud offers a proven European platform that sets the highest standards of digital sovereignty and enables innovation. With its OpenStack base and a European legal framework, it is ready for GAIA-X. Companies that want to enter the sovereign European data world today will find the perfect gateway in the Open Telekom Cloud.


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Get started now with a powerful cloud that offers full data sovereignty.
Our GAIA-X expert Fabian Placht will be happy to advise you!


The Open Telekom Cloud convinces

The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority places very high demands on financial institutions like ours. As financial experts, we are of course aware of the advantages of the cloud - yet we often approach it with reserve at first, because it represents new territory for all institutions. To achieve this balancing act, we use the Open Telekom Cloud as the basis for our solution, because Telekom's servers are located in highly secure, multi-certified German data centers.

Daniel Piecha, Managing Director of EUVIC

Companies only store and process their customer data in the cloud if they are completely convinced of the security of the underlying technology. With the Open Telekom Cloud, we have exactly the right solution for this. Because the Magenta-T simply stands for seriousness.

Dirk Kosellek of PiSA sales GmbH

A spontaneously scalable offering based on OpenStack with such a high level of security and data protection from such a renowned operator simply does not exist a second time at the moment. That's why it was clear to us that we wanted to move to the Open Telekom Cloud with our SPLA Manager.

Bruno Pauli, Co-CEO and founder of Octopus Cloud AG

Find out how you can benefit from GAIA-X.
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Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions about GAIA-X, or would you like to discuss it without obligation? Then take the chance to contact me, I look forward to hearing from you.

Fabian Placht, Open Telekom Cloud Senior Sales Manager, GAIA-X Expert
Active for many years at Deutsche Telekom in various roles, his expertise ranges from midmarket to large customer demands and also across diverse industries and technologies. As an Open Telekom Cloud Sales Expert, he has built up expertise in the cloud environment, in combination with regulatory requirements and particularly sensitive data. He has a special affinity with GAIA-X and the goals associated with it.

Image Fabian Placht
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