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Growing together: New Open Telekom Cloud partner program launched

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The focus of the new "Circle" partner program: jointly offering innovative services for the future.

In this article you will read about,

  • who the new Open Telekom Cloud partner program is aimed at,
  • how you can become a partner,
  • and what the benefits are for partner companies.

"Everything as a service": The Swiss company oneclick offers its customers a platform for the automated provision of Windows applications. Users select suitable cloud resources, install the business applications, and assign access rights to the desired users. The software solutions are then streamed via the platform – without the need for costly installations on local servers or end devices. It’s a successful model. "The demand for such virtual desktop solutions is growing strongly," says oneclick’s Managing Director Dominik Birgelen. "In particular, companies with distributed locations, multiple branches, home offices, or mobile working are benefiting."

To be able to offer its services smoothly, the young company from Zurich relies on the Open Telekom Cloud. And provides its customers with reliable virtual desktop packages from their certified and highly available infrastructure from data centers in Germany. "To our customers, the Telekom brand stands for trustworthiness and stability. That is a selling point for us."

Thanks to the cooperation with Telekom, it’s not just oneclick's customers who benefit from the secure, convenient, and flexible solution – the provider does too. That’s because oneclick has applied to the Open Telekom Cloud’s new "Circle" partner program, which was launched in February 2021 and offers members numerous benefits.

Partner for software providers and consulting firms

In addition to the TechBoost program, which focuses on up-and-coming German companies, the new "Circle" partner program is aimed at new target groups. The focus is primarily on T-Systems customers across Europe – from international start-ups to large traditional companies.

"The Open Telekom Cloud offers optimal foundations in the area of infrastructure as a service (IaaS). We therefore want to offer companies from the software and consulting industries in particular a partnership model with which we can together launch strong and innovative software as a service (SaaS)," says Sven Kullmann, Vice President Sales at the Open Telekom Cloud.

Thus, "Circle" addresses different target groups for possible partnerships:

  • Companies that offer their customers software solutions securely and GDPR-compliantly from the Open Telekom Cloud.
  • Companies that operate customer applications as managed services on the Telekom infrastructure.
  • Or consulting companies that advise their clients on the use of cloud services.

"Circle": the advantages

"With our program, we want to attract partners who want to grow together with us and the Open Telekom Cloud," says Kullmann. "We are interested in intensifying our customer relationships with companies that firmly integrate the Open Telekom Cloud into their business model." Therefore, if a company’s application to the program is successful, becoming a partner is free of charge. The companies that provide their service from their own tenant receive discounts and start-ups receive additional support in the form of cloud resources.

Depending on the revenues that the companies generate per year via the Open Telekom Cloud, they can progress from partner to advanced or expert partner. Depending on the level, the scope of the benefits and support offered by Telekom to its partner companies increases.

Technical and marketing support

All companies benefit from technical support such as shortened service response times. Depending on the partner level, the program also offers consulting on cloud architecture or technology workshops. Companies that successfully apply to become a Circle partner also receive sales and marketing support from Deutsche Telekom, including co-branding.

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