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Discover the broad service portfolio of the Open Telekom Cloud

The Open Telekom Cloud offers all services you need to build, operate and manage an efficient cloud infrastructure. In addition, you can count on our expertise when creating a hybrid cloud environment that combines private resources and the public cloud.

Overview of Open Telekom Cloud Products & services

The Open Telekom Cloud is a scalable IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution. It provides computing, storage, network, database, container and security services for building and managing workloads in a public cloud. In addition, there is also the AI service “ModelArts”, which enables beginners to set up their own AI models.

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Looking for a cloud service’s name on Open Telekom Cloud?

Different cloud providers have different names for the same service. We provide a comparison of the service names of the Open Telekom Cloud with the ones of the hyperscalers. This allows you to quickly find the appropriate service for your needs!

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Our virtualization layer: Kernel-based virtual machine (KVM)

  • Higher performance and scalability compared to other hypervisors  
  • Flexibility and customization options through open source technology  
  • Support for various operating systems and applications  
  • Better management of resources and higher security for virtual machines  
  • Benefit: efficient and secure use of public cloud resources with flexible customization options and optimum performance

Open Telekom Cloud Hybrid

Overview of the Open Telekom Cloud features

The best of two cloud worlds

Companies can benefit from the best of both worlds with a hybrid cloud combining private and public clouds. On the one hand, they can benefit from the low latency, high security, and control of a private cloud that is run in their own data center. On the other hand, they benefit from usage-based billing, access to the most recent public cloud services, and scalable resources for peak loads.

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Open Telekom Cloud: The secure cloud solution for business customers

The two-page basic flyer contains essential information about functions, features, and advantages of the Open Telekom Cloud.

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High availability data centers

We offer secure, highly available cloud services from twin core data centers including georedundancy.

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European alternative

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