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Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Because web applications can be attacked in a variety of ways, a range of different protection mechanisms need to be implemented. Alongside basic security mechanisms on network level and Anti-DDoS, the Open Telekom Cloud also offers a Web Application Firewall.

The Web Application Firewall (WAF) acts as a shield for web apps and websites against multiple attackers such as SQL injection, malicious file execution, cross-site scripting (XSS), and more to keep them stable and secure. The WAF analyzes incoming requests and the response of the corresponding server in the Open Telekom Cloud, intelligently filtering out malicious traffic to safeguard data, ensure fast load times, and maintain uptime.

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Reasons for WAF in the Open Telekom Cloud

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Leading technology

WAF uses the industry-leading semantic and regex engines to help accurately identify threats and significantly improve threat detection rate of hackers and bad actors attempting to bypass application security.

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Precise identification

WAF precisely identifies malicious traffic to stop attacks based on pre-configured and customized rules.

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Attack pattern detection

Using decoding methods to prevent bypass attempts, WAF detects a wide range of common attack patterns, such as SQL injection or XSS.

Key Features der WAF

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Comprehensive web protection

A built-in extensive database of attack signatures detects and blocks dozens of common web attacks, such as SQL injection, XSS attacks, and webshells. Multi-engine cluster deployment and 24/7 monitoring ensure zero service interruption.

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Data Masking

Masks sensitive data during attacks to prevent data leakage.

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Challenge Collapsar (CC) Attack Protection

Configures rate limiting policies based on IP addresses or cookies to mitigate CC attacks.

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Precise Protection

Groups common HTTP fields together to create customized protection policies.

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Web Tamper Protection

Configures specified webpage cache as the returned page during webpage updates.

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Blacklist and Whitelist

Configures a blacklist or whitelist that can accurately block or allow specified IP addresses.

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False Alarm Masking

Handles false alarms by ignoring attack detection rules of specific requests.

Structure and Function

Graphik WAF: Structure and Function

New Features

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