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NZR: Efficient energy management from the Open Telekom Cloud

An NZR employee talks to Managing Director Rolf C. Knemeyer about a product.
Customized measurement technology: An NZR employee talks with Managing Director Rolf C. Knemeyer (right).

In this article you will read about,

  • how NZR is tapping into new customer segments with its energy management software using IT resources from the Open Telekom Cloud,
  • why NZR's customers are now more satisfied
  • and why cloud technology makes it even easier to save energy and receive subsidies.

Aluminum production, glass manufacturing, basic chemicals – companies in energy-intensive industries such as these are particularly keen to optimize their consumption in times of rising electricity costs. Intelligent energy management and the right recording devices not only help them collect consumption data to find and exploit potential savings – those who use a certified system can also take advantage of the enormous subsidy opportunities offered by the German government, e.g. the peak compensation for energy and electricity tax as well as the reduction of the EEG apportionment.

Rolf C. Knemeyer, Managing Partner of NZR, and Robert Holkenbrink, Head of Development and Product Management, in front of an NZR flag.

Our cloud energy management software makes it as easy as possible for our customers. Thanks to the Open Telekom Cloud, they can save energy and money without burdening their own IT departments.

– Robert Holkenbrink, Head of Development/Product Management at

NZR offers such complete systems consisting of electronic meters for all media as well as communication technology and energy management software. The group of six companies covers all services related to energy metering at a total of three locations. Founded in Bad Laer in 1933, the family-owned company now employs around 180 people. As the market leader, NZR offers measurement technology, such as electricity meters, coin meters and energy optimization systems, via electrical wholesalers. Numerous energy suppliers also rely on NZR. The Lower Saxony-based company supports them with metering equipment and services from the areas of repair, calibration, financing, logistics and installation. "For some years now, electronic meters have increasingly been replacing mechanical ones," says Rolf C. Knemeyer, managing partner of NZR. "To take advantage of this development and support our customers in their challenges, we have developed CountVision, a software for intelligent energy management."

Several meters hang next to each other at the test station.
Innovative in every detail: In addition to state-of-the-art electricity, gas and water meters, NZR also offers calibration services and energy management software.

Simply digital: Energy management software as a service

Now the company is going one step further: CountVision is no longer installed on-site at the user's premises, but is provided from the cloud. "This makes it extremely easy for our customers. They are now only users and no longer installers, operators or IT administrators," explains Robert Holkenbrink, Head of Development and Product Management at NZR. The on-site IT departments are relieved; the customer can concentrate on his core business. Together with Deutsche Telekom, NZR adapted the specifications of the software to the Open Telekom Cloud and moved the program there. "The changeover was not without problems," reports Holkenbrink. "But in the end, the comprehensive service and personal contact throughout the project led to success."

A service employee of NZR operates the energy management software CountVision on his PC.
Consciously consume energy and even receive government subsidies - NZR's energy management software helps: CountVision.

In spring 2017, NZR launched the cloud-based software at a first reference customer. Six months later, a three-digit number of measuring devices are already networked via it. "We get a lot of positive feedback," says Holkenbrink. "Users are very sensitive when it comes to protecting their data, for example. That's where we can score points with Deutsche Telekom's image and the German locations of the data centers." It's a win-win situation: the energy management software as a service enables companies to save energy and take advantage of tax benefits. NZR, in turn, increases customer satisfaction and sales figures for its product.

Cover reference flyer NZR


Learn how NZR operates efficient energy management with IT resources from the Open Telekom Cloud.


At a glance: NZR and the Open Telekom Cloud

  • Company: Nordwestdeutsche Zählerrevision Ing. Aug. Knemeyer GmbH & Co. KG (NZR)
  • Year of foundation: 1933
  • Headquarters: Bad Laer
  • Branch: Energy measurement
  • Employees: 180

The company:
The NZR Group consists of six companies. A total of 180 employees cover the entire field of energy measurement. The family-owned company, founded in 1933, serves two main customer groups. As the market leader, NZR offers electrical wholesalers a comprehensive product portfolio of measurement technology, such as electricity meters, coin meters and energy optimization systems. But numerous energy suppliers also rely on NZR. The Lower Saxony-based company supports them with meters for electricity, water, heat and gas, as well as with services from the areas of repair, calibration, financing, logistics and installation.

Energy efficiency is a trend: for this, NZR has developed intelligent energy management software. And found: Customers were reluctant to deal with the IT behind it. That's why NZR was looking for a partner who could help it make the application cloud-enabled and also offer the appropriate resources for it.

Thanks to its scalability, the Open Telekom Cloud flexibly offers exactly the IT resources required and also scores with extensive security features. In addition, NZR can count on individual support at all times.

The users are convinced: industrial companies are practicing efficient energy management, energy supply companies are reading remotely for customer loyalty – and all this without burdening their own IT departments. As a result, NZR has been able to increase customer satisfaction and sales and tap into new customer groups.

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