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"We digitize democratic processes"

Online elections: Secure from the casting to the counting of votes.

Six questions for Georg Müller from POLYAS GmbH

In a nutshell: What solution do you offer?

POLYAS is changing the way people vote. Our digital platform revolutionizes and simplifies the organization and running of elections – from the casting to the counting of votes. The POLYAS online voting system enables elections anywhere, anytime, in minutes.

In three sentences: What challenges do your customers have?

Online elections involve a great deal of organizational effort and they have to be secure – whether it is a membership vote, a board election, or the passing of a resolution. Electoral lists must be submitted, supporters found, and ballots generated for participants to cast in sealed ballot boxes. Election committees must ensure that all the necessary documents are available so that the election itself runs smoothly and without complications – all of this can be done easily, barrier-free, and securely with POLYAS.

What is your unique selling point (USP)?

POLYAS is a pioneer when it comes to online elections with 26 years of expertise. We stand for new standards in security, “Made in Germany” quality and state-of-the-art technology.

Georg Müller, Head of Development, Research and Customer Support, POLYAS GmbH

The future of elections is digital and POLYAS is paving the way.

– Georg Müller, Head of Development, Research and Customer Support, POLYAS GmbH


Why are you part of the TechBoost program?

We deal with the digitalization of democratic processes. With our SaaS solutions for online elections, live voting, and nominations, in 2021 alone six million eligible voters had access to a voting system. Our customers have very high requirements for security, availability, and stability – and for “Made in Germany.” Since the Open Telekom Cloud launched in 2016, we have favored this platform and we therefore rely on the partnership in the TechBoost program and with T-Systems. We value the collegial exchange and benefit from the fact that we always have a dedicated contact person at our side.

What are your Top 3 services from the Open Telekom Cloud and what advantages do they offer you?

  • Cloud Container Engine: Since we use a managed Kubernetes cluster, we don't have to worry about the control plane and can fully concentrate on the workloads.
  • Relational Database Service: With this, we use databases that are highly available. In the event of an emergency, we can switch to another site without losing data or time. This gives us a level of security that we could only achieve ourselves with a great deal of effort.
  • Object Storage Service: Here we can create objects in a bucket and access them again at any time. An added bonus is that they are secured by configurable authorizations.

What do you have planned for the future?

The future of elections is digital and POLYAS is paving the way. Our goal is empowerment, which means we want to provide an intuitive and self-explanatory solution. That is why we are constantly developing our applications. So far, we have been very successful in doing so: Thousands of organizations have already set up their elections in the POLYAS Self Service without our help.

POLYAS GmbH and the Open Telekom Cloud

Find out how POLYAS digitalizes democratic processes and how the Open Telekom Cloud helps.


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