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Enterprise Protection System

Infections with the coronavirus can quickly lead to the lockdown of a business. The EPS uses smart wearables to ensure that minimum distances are maintained, preventing infection. By tracking encounters in a privacy-compliant manner, it can quickly identify contacts of infected employees, interrupting chains of infection and thus preventing the closure of your operation.

Protect employees and your company through transparent tracking of infection chains.

These are the services offered by T-Systems' EPS:

  • Intelligent, ultra-wideband-based tags precisely determine the distance between employees, ensuring compliance with minimum distances. Your colleagues can wear them as a wristband or in a badge pocket.
  • The tags enable efficient tracking of infection chains.
Two store worker with face mark working a list.

The Enterprise Protection System offers you these advantages

Three workers with protection helmets, face mask and reflective vest working in a store.

EPS was developed specifically for the requirements of production and logistics environments.

A woman working with a tablet.

It complies with the highest data protection requirements and thus ensures acceptance by employees and works councils.

Picture of a white desk with a router on top.

It is a very robust and reliable system that is intuitive to use and requires no training effort.


The Enterprise Protection System is a tailor-made solution for your production and logistics environment

T-Systems designed the Enterprise Protection System agilely in co-innovation with customers. During development, we paid attention to the specific needs of enterprises. For example, tracing apps installed on cell phones cannot be used in many production environments, as cell phones are not allowed to be carried around to prevent industrial espionage. In addition, the Bluetooth signals that regular tracing apps use can interfere with devices in production environments.

Three workers with protection helmets, face mask and reflective vest working in a store.

The EPS solves these challenges for contact tracking in production and logistics environments

Production environments often do not allow the use of smartphones.

Interference with devices and machines limits the use of Bluetooth for contact tracking.

Many people work in production and logistics centers - often with little distance.

We explain how the Enterprise Protection System works to address public health challenges.


Data protection at the highest level ensures user acceptance

A woman working with a tablet.

The EPS initially stores employees' encounter data in the SafeTag. When they leave the workplace, they put it back in the collection tray, which is connected to an edge device. Their data is encrypted and transferred to the EPS server via a secure connection. This is located in the Open Telekom Cloud, which is subject to the strictest security and data protection standards. From there, they are transferred to the employees' smartphones. Data is traced via an edge cloud service to the coupled Enterprise Protection System app, without data being stored centrally. As a result, the identity of the users remains protected.

As a result, the EPS receives a high level of acceptance from both users and works councils.

More about data protection for Enterprise Protection Systems

Graphic shows the four integration steps.

Simple operation allows easy integration into workflows

T-Systems developed the EPS based on our experience with the Corona warning app. In addition, we found a hardware partner in Kinexion that had already gained a great deal of experience with ultra-wideband devices before Corona. This has resulted in an extremely robust and reliable system that can be integrated into logistics and production processes in just four steps.

  1. Start of shift: employees take a SafeTag and scan it with the EPS app.
  2. During the shift: Employees carry the SafeTag with them at all times. It provides visual and audible warnings when the safety distance is undershot.
  3. End of shift: The SafeTag is returned to the collection tray.
  4. Check critical contact: In the event of a positive test result, employees must report this on the app. Affected contact persons are warned via the app.

Different package sizes for different needs

Hardware, service and support are included - and the EPS app is available to you free of charge

S Package

L Package


30 SafeTags
1 Charging Pad
1 Edge Device

90 SafeTags
3 Charging Pad
1 Edge Device

*Package price per month (12 months minimum term)

per SafeTag / month*

per SafeTag / month*

Do you have any questions?

Are you interested in the Enterprise Protection System, but still have questions? Do you want to know how you can protect your company and your employees? I will be happy to answer your questions in a free consultation!

T-Systems International Presales Digital Enabler
Michael Witstock

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