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DataArts Studio (DARTS)

DataArts Studio (DARTS) is a one-stop data operations platform that drives digital transformation. It allows you to perform many operations, such as integrating and developing data, designing data standards, controlling data quality, managing data assets, creating data services, and ensuring data security.

Incorporating big data storage, computing, and analytical engines, DARTS can also be used to construct industry knowledge libraries and help your enterprise build an intelligent end-to-end data system. This system can eliminate your data silos, unify your data standards, accelerate data monetization, and help your enterprise go digital faster. DARTS provides capabilities such as data integration, development, governance, and openness. DARTS can connect to cloud database services, such as Data Lake Insight (DLI), MRS and traditional enterprise data warehouses, such as Oracle and Greenplum.

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Reasons for DARTS in the Open Telekom Cloud

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Job orchestration

Benefit from job orchestration for multiple cloud services.

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Data control

The one-stop data operations platform provides comprehensive data control and governance.

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Diverse data engines

DARTS interconnects with all database services and traditional data warehouses such as Oracle and Greenplum.

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Ease of use

DARTS offers GUI-based orchestration and is available out of the box.

Key Features of DARTS

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Reusable industry knowledge bases

DARTS provides vertical industries with reusable domain knowledge bases, including data standards, domain models, subject libraries, algorithm libraries, and metric libraries, supporting fast customization of E2E data operations solutions for industries such as smart government, smart taxation, and smart campus.

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Diverse data development types

DARTS has a wide range of scheduling configuration policies and powerful job scheduling capabilities. It supports online collaborative development among multiple users, online editing and real-time query of SQL and shell scripts, and job development via data processing nodes such as CDM, SQL, MRS, Shell, MLS, and Spark.

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Comprehensive data control and governance

DARTS enables you to monitor your data quality in the full data lifecycle, provides you with standard data definitions, generates data processing code with intelligence, and notifies you immediately when anomaly events occur.

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Unified data asset management

DARTS allows you to have a global view of your data assets, facilitating fast asset query, intelligent asset management, data source tracing, and data openness. In addition, it enables you to define your business data catalog, terms, and classifications, as well as access to your assets in a unified manner.

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Visualized data operations in all scenarios

The data governance and operations process is visual. You can perform configurations using a drag-and-drop interface without coding. The processing result is also visual, facilitating interaction and exploration. Data asset management is also visual and allows you to perform data drilling and source tracing.

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Unified scheduling and O&M

Fully managed scheduling is supported. Time-and event-based triggering mechanics are available. You can schedule a task by minute, hour, day, week, or month. The visualized task O&M center monitors all tasks and supports notification settings, enabling you to obtain real-time task status and ensuring normal running of services.

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All-round security assurance

Unified security authentication, tenant isolation, data grading and classification, and data lifecycle management ensure data privacy, audit and trace ability. Role-based access control allows you to associate roles with permissions and supports fine-grained permission policies, meeting different authorization requirements.

Use Cases

Operations and Governance Platform

Quickly Building Cloud-based Data Platforms


Neue Features

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Support of Data Lake Insight connectivityView Details
DataArts Studio new featuresView Details

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