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Cloud Technology Use Cases

Learn the possible applications of our solutions through practical examples.

The Cloud Drives Digital Innovation

Cloud computing plays a key role in society's digital transformation. Many new technologies, such as the Internet of things or artificial intelligence, are made possible thanks to cloud platforms. At the same time, cloud technology is becoming increasingly important as a protective measure to ensure business continuity, e.g., in the case of cyber attacks and natural disasters. Learn about the many possibilities of our cloud solutions here with the help of real-world examples.

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Digital Transformation

Graphic with icon Networked Brain to represent Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or neural networks require high-performance computational resources. However, these are often only required temporarily, meaning that acquiring a high-performance computer is often not worthwhile. The cloud offers on-demand access to computing resources at any time. Users only pay for what they use.

Graphic with icon speed to show high performance computing

High Performance Computing

Technical simulations, artificial intelligence, or genome analyses require extreme processing power. With the Open Telekom Cloud, you can book high performance computing resources on an as-needed basis and only pay for what you actually use. And for the highest demands we offer you access to the supercomputers of our associated company "Höchstleistungsrechner für Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft (HWW)".

Graphic with computer networking icon to represent Big Data & Analytics.

Big Data & Analytics

Cleverly connecting and evaluating different data sources reveals new insights and helps companies secure competitive advantages. Our cloud is ideal for aggregating and storing large amounts of data, and also provides the tools for its detailed analysis.

Graphic with icon Networked cloud to represent Internet of Things

Internet of Things

The Internet of things (IoT) connects physical objects to the virtual world. It transforms traditional companies into digital service providers, opening up entirely new business models. The Open Telekom Cloud provides you with a secure platform to connect and control your IoT devices.


IT Security

Graphic with icon security and lightning to represent disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery

Following an incident such as a fire or virus attack, a cloud-based emergency system helps serve as a backup and can quickly replace failed systems. Open Telekom Cloud disaster recovery solutions give your company the highest level of security, while also relieving your IT of the burden of needing to maintain redundant data centers.

Graphic with cloud icon with arrow pointing up to show Data Storage

Data Storage

Where to put all the company data and backups that accumulate over time? The easiest solution: off to the cloud. The cloud is ideal for constantly growing mountains of data - because it grows with them. The Open Telekom Cloud offers you storage as a service with the right storage format for every scenario.

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