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Open Telekom Cloud Configurator: the ideal pathway

by Editorial team

The Open Telekom Cloud is a powerful cloud solution with an extensive portfolio of functions. In order to help visitors find their way through these features, there is a simple, user-friendly solution: the Open Telekom Cloud Configurator.

New users can find out more about this complex product with a playful yet practical tool that helps them get acquainted with the cloud's many features. This useful tool offers an initial introduction to, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the technical resources of the Open Telekom Cloud.

Two configuration modes: expert or beginner?

Users have two choices when using the configurator: expert or beginner mode.

Expert mode: for the experienced user

This option is designed for users who already have detailed knowledge of Open Telekom Cloud or are confident enough to set-up their own configuration. An expert with a background in this field will find it easy to configure the features on their own. However, it is important to remember that a self-configured set-up could have flaws. For example, if the user does not know that public IP addresses have to be registered separately, the configuration would be incomplete and the system would not run properly. However, help is never too far away, thanks to the other user mode.

Beginner mode: ideal for new users

The beginner mode is easy to use and very intuitive. The user chooses a so-called "Use Case" and, with a mouse click, is given a sample configuration. There is no long and complex question-and-answer process to establish the customer's basic requirements. Instead, the user selects a Use Case which can then be easily adapted to meet whatever particular needs the customer may have. Users can quickly and conveniently switch into Expert mode to do this. This ensures that the configuration is complete and can cover the customer's unique, real-life needs since sample configurations are, in many cases, not exactly what the user may require (too high or too low). Here, a change to expert mode is helpful so the necessary adjustments can be made. 

Advantages of the configurator for the customer

No matter which mode is chosen, the configurator is a speedy introduction to the Open Telekom Cloud. In addition, the configurator displays clear price estimations so the customer is aware of possible costs in advance. What is more, users are spared the time and effort of reading through the often complicated technical specifications of the Open Telecom Cloud.

The application is simple to use; every user can start the configuration online as well as download it as a PDF file.  In this file is an individual configuration code which allows our cloud experts to provide individualised customer telephone support effectively; they can see all the configuration data that the potential client has chosen.

Together the user and the support team can then optimise the configuration to meet the individual needs of the customer. Use of the configurator is non-binding for all users. Prices shown are subject to change and VAT.

Open Telekom Cloud: Price Information
Practical: The PDF with your individual configurations contains a code in the upper right corner. If you call this customer service representative, the employee can view the offer and discuss it with you. You can also change your settings at any time by clicking on "Edit configuration". 

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