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Turbo charge big data with D2

by Redaktion
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Big data discovers what remains invisible to humans.

In this article, you'll read about,

  • how the D2 flavor, optimized for big data, supports companies by processing data at top speed,
  • which applications big data analytics are particularly suitable for,
  • why a public cloud like the Open Telekom Cloud offers the ideal platform for big data analytics.

With big data analytics and artificial intelligence, companies are discovering potential that was previously hidden from them. Powerful technologies such as Hadoop, MapReduce, and Spark help to uncover patterns and correlations in huge volumes of data that are invisible to the naked eye – whether in the purchasing behavior of customers or in risk provisioning for one's own company.

High speed, high security: D2

If particularly high data processing speeds are required, a special computing resource optimized for big data is available from the Open Telekom Cloud: The D2 flavor of the Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) contains additional local hard drives with which the highest values for input/output operations per second (IOPS) can be achieved. The maximum data throughput per hard drive is 230 MBit/s, the latency is in the millisecond range.

Suitable for use cases across all industries

This makes D2 ideally suited for distributed computing with Hadoop clusters or MapReduce, extensive parallel data processing, and log file processing. For all of these data-intensive computations, high IOPS performance is crucial. Companies in any industry benefit from these storage and computing resources whenever they need to process very large amounts of data as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Typical areas of use include applications in science and research as well as in the public, financial, and healthcare sectors. Industries in which data security and data protection play a prominent role when working with big data. But also in other areas the handling of such volumes of often sensitive and personal data requires a highly-secure and GDPR-compliant solution – such as that offered by the multi-certified Open Telekom Cloud.

E-Paper: Data analytics in the cloud

Find out more about the industries, fields of application and practical scenarios in which big data analytics play out their potential in our e-paper:


The cloud offers an ideal platform for big data

Anyone working with such large volumes of structured and unstructured data and evaluating data lakes or data warehouses needs large, flexibly accessible computing and storage capacities in addition to the appropriate technology. A public cloud such as the Open Telekom Cloud offers the ideal conditions for these required resources. Storage and computing resources are available for use in almost unlimited quantities. 

In terms of performance and price-performance ratio, the Open Telekom Cloud is in no way inferior to the large hyperscalers and even surpasses them, as the current Performance & Price/Performance Benchmark of IaaS Providers 2021 from Cloud Mercato shows. The Open Telekom Cloud’s AI services perform equally well in Cloud Mercato’s comparative study Performance & Benchmark of AI IaaS Providers (AI = artificial intelligence).

Entry-level discount for D2 resources

The D2 flavor can currently be booked at particularly favorable entry-level discount prices. Depending on the computing power required, companies can benefit from a 30-70 percent discount. The offer runs until December 31, 2022 and can also be extended by arrangement.

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