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Elastic Cloud Server (ECS)

With the help of virtual machines (VM) from the cloud, you can book server capacities quickly and flexibly via the Internet. We have combined our broad portfolio of VM variants – so-called flavors – for you in our Elastic Cloud Server portfolio. You determine specifications such as the desired operating system or service duration. Since hardware components such as RAM and CPUs are emulated virtually, you can combine them freely according to your wishes. The result are flavors that are perfectly tailored to your needs. The Open Telekom Cloud uses KVM as a hypervisor to provide virtual machines in a total of nine performance classes via the ECS offering. These cover all possible use cases, such as graphics calculations, virtual workplace systems and Big Data functions.

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Reasons for ECS in the Open Telekom Cloud

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Data protection

Our service is operated in the EU under European management and is GDPR-compliant. Non-European authorities have no access.

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Highest performance

Independent analysts confirm that the ECS of the Open Telekom Cloud provided the best price-performance ratio among comparable providers.

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Our services can be tailored to your exact needs – so you never overpay. You can book additional resources as needed and they will be ready in minutes.

Key Features of ECS

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High Quality

  • Reliability: Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) guarantee 99.95% availability of the ECS service. The ability to run VMs in multiple spatially separated Availability Zones (AZs) makes it easy to minimize outages.
  • Efficient networks: Our ECS offer relies on the quality-of-service principle: by allocating resources dynamically and prioritized, it optimizes communication in the network, provides reliable performance and uses bandwidth efficiently.
  • Security: In the event of a failure of the physical server on which the virtual ECS instance is located, the system automatically restores the affected workload.
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ECS Statistics

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Cloud Service Integration

ECS provides high integration with other services to provide computing, storage, and network resources. Linked services include VPS, IMS, AS, EVS, VBS, CSBS, Cloud Eye, KMS, Anti DDos, Firewall and many more services to meet business needs in a cloud.

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We use OpenStack as our software basis. This open-source solution is further developed by a dedicated community that subjects the code to a rigorous public review before each release to rule out errors and security gaps.

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Flexible Billing

ECS includes three pricing models: Elastic (hourly billing), Reserved (discounted monthly pricing for continuous use), and Reserved Upfront (increased discounts through prepayment). The license costs for the operating system are already included.

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Bring your own license (BYOL) allows you to use your existing operating system license. This means you do not have to apply for a new one. With the BYOL license type, you can thus significantly reduce your costs when booking the ECS.

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ECS Flavors Overview

General Purpose

Dedicated General Purpose


Large Memory


GPU Accelerated

Ultra-High I/O


Use Case: Scalable Internet Service


  • Simple configuration for CPU, memory, and disk space
  • Moderate bandwidth
  • Strong security and reliability
  • Minimal initial investment and maintenance costs

Example Scenarios:

Official websites | Website R&D and testing | Small-scale databases


Use general computing ECSs, which provide a balance of computing, memory, and network resources. This ECS type is ideal for light- and medium-load applications.

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New Features

IPv6 Public Beta in EU-DEView Details
New ECS Flavor c4ne for CCE Turbo is now available in region EU-DEView Details
ECS – New large memory flavors E6 in EU-DEView Details
New ECS GPU Flavor g7 available in region EU-NL nowView Details

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