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House of clouds: everything under a single roof

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Software, platform or infrastructure as a service? From the public, private or hybrid cloud? Everything’s possible with Deutsche Telekom’s newest addition to its cloud portfolio – Open Telekom Cloud. The company will present this solution at CeBIT. Open Telekom Cloud is a multi-cloud ecosystem that supports companies of all sizes in their digital transformation.

Analysts agree that cloud computing combined with connectivity and bandwidth is the backbone of digitization. The constant evolution in technology and the new applications are driving the rapid development of the Internet of Things. Because in just a few years, billions of devices, sensors and other components will be connected to each other – and these connected devices will collect and send billions of items of data every day. In order to evaluate this data profitably, companies need vast storage capacities for analyzing this data, ideally in real time. This is turn means that they need efficient cloud solutions, because no company can embark on the path towards digital transformation without a scalable and affordable, simple, highly available and secure cloud. Deutsche Telekom has therefore expanded its existing cloud portfolio to offer a multi-cloud ecosystem. From international corporations to small businesses, companies of all sizes can now select the cloud technology that best suits them.

Key elements of this multi-cloud, such as the Open Telekom Cloud and the data trusteeship for Microsoft’s public cloud services, have been added in recent months and have successively supplemented existing solutions such as vCloud. Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions as well as cloud integration solutions round off the multi-cloud ecosystem.

House of Clouds
Software, platform or infrastructure as a service? From the public, private or hybrid cloud? Everything’s possible with Deutsche Telekom’s newest addition to its cloud portfolio – Open Telekom Cloud. The company will present this solution at CeBIT. Open Telekom Cloud is a multi-cloud ecosystem that supports companies of all sizes in their digital transformation. 

Open Telekom Cloud and Microsoft solutions

The Open Telekom Cloud is a public cloud solution for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). As a the simple, secure and cost-efficient way of obtaining IT services, it does not involve any investment costs for hardware or for IT maintenance and operation. The Open Telekom Cloud offers various components such as computing power, storage, and network and management services, with additional services for companies constantly being added to the range. The Open Telekom Cloud services can be integrated into existing IT environments via standard interfaces and can be booked and canceled in a matter of minutes.

Presentation video Open Telekom Cloud

With Microsoft, Telekom will offer additional services on the Azure platform, including cloud backup (data backup in the cloud), virtualization (application deployment on virtual machines), web apps (website hosting and scaling), and the workplace from the cloud (dynamic workplace).
Other services such as machine-to-machine solutions (M2M/Internet of Things) are also in the pipeline. Microsoft-certified Telekom experts support companies in implementing Azure solutions.

Platform as a Service

With its entirely new Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering for cloud-based application development, T-Systems secured a place in the Leader quadrant of the Experton ranking in 2015. Deutsche Telekom now also offers an expanded PaaS range in this cloud segment, together with its partners OpenShift, Red Hat, Microsoft and Salesforce. OpenShift, in particular, is developing at a staggering pace to become one of the most interesting platforms for the integration and development of cloud applications.

Software as a Service

Telekom customers can rely on an extraordinarily broad array of services in the field of Software as a Service (SaaS). Software partners in this segment are clustered into five application areas: traditional office applications such as Microsoft Office 365, anti-virus and IT security solutions from market leader Symantec, secure online storage as well as conferencing and collaboration tools from TelekomCLOUD, and special solutions for various company functions in CRM, ERP/HCM and document management. In addition to the standard SAP portfolio in the ERP environment, these include SaaS providers such as the SAP company successfactors, Unit4, Salesforce, Microsoft, Cisco UC and Avaya, as well as specialist companies such as doculife, StoneOne, Covata and Ivalua.

Integration of cloud solutions

The use of cloud solutions means that companies are faced with increasing complexity and ever higher integration requirements. In addition to informatica and, Telekom customers also have access to its own Cloud Broker and Cloud Integration Center solutions. At CeBIT, T-Systems will be unveiling a new identity and access management solution from the cloud. Based on the OneLogin partner solution, T-Systems offers a single sign-on access portal for end users anywhere and with any device.

Telekom supports you on your way to the cloud

Two services round off the end-to-end cloud offering by Telekom and T-Systems: the data network as well as comprehensive consulting and support services in line with the “plan, build, run” model – ranging from analysis, planning and integration of existing IT landscapes in the cloud to migration and support during ongoing operations. Everything from a single source.

Deutsche Telekom is investing billions in 2016 to build a high-performance infrastructure for tomorrow’s Internet. This integrated network strategy is based on the convergence of fixed and mobile networks, the development of 5G and a European Pan-Net. With the 5G system, Telekom has recently achieved a latency of less than one millisecond – a prerequisite for real-time applications such as driverless cars, remote medical treatment or high-performance games.

Using cloud services ad hoc is easy for companies that start out with a “green field”, but what about companies that run hundreds to thousands of applications? Around two-thirds of applications used today are compatible with the cloud. To date, however, only few companies have developed procedures and strategies for using cloud concepts to transform existing IT infrastructures into a flexible and open IT ecosystem. As a cloudifier, T-Systems is undoing the Gordian knot: With standardized transformation solutions, around 4,000 IT integration experts turn complex application landscapes into sustainable IT systems, increasing stability and efficiency while reducing maintenance and operating costs. This creates leeway for innovation and makes it possible to design business processes to better suit the users’ requirements.

A single portal for all public cloud solutions

The TelekomCLOUD portal consolidates Telekom’s entire cloud portfolio for companies of all sizes. It offers solutions that can be booked directly online and configured for software, platforms and infrastructures by partners such as Salesforce, VMware or Microsoft, which Telekom and its partners supplement with qualified consulting and support services.

This includes a free support hotline, requirements analysis and advice on selecting the right solution, support services for setting up software or migrating existing data, and a premium service for the ongoing operation of the applications used by the company.

Data protection for cloud services

Named as a strong competitive edge by Experton, data security and data protection according German law take highest priority. Telekom offers end-to-end responsibility, resulting from the combination of its own network with cloud services provided by German data centers. The high data security and data protection standards are an advantage in the cloud market. These standards are “so appealing that an increasing number of American IT service providers are putting their trust in Deutsche Telekom.” One example of this is a new partnership with Microsoft. Telekom will act as data trustee for Microsoft Cloud Germany and will be responsible for protecting customer data. All data by Microsoft customers who purchase Office 365, Azure and Dynamics CRM Online is processed exclusively in German data centers.

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