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Singapore welcomes Open Telekom Cloud

by Editorial team

Welcome to Singapore, Open Telekom Cloud! A new chapter for the public cloud market has begun as T-Systems with Open Telekom Cloud expands into Asia. In May 2017, Open Telekom Cloud started operating from the T-Systems Data Centre in Singapore and currently serves the market throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Gartner estimates that the value of public cloud services in the APAC market will reach US$12.4bn by 2019, having reached the already significant level of US$8.1bn in 2016: an impressive growth rate from an equally impressive starting point. The analysts from Gartner are not the only ones to take this view; in 2016 IDC recorded a growth rate of over 40 per cent in the public cloud market in Asia, confirming the fact that Asian market for cloud services is booming.

Open Telekom Cloud Singapore
Open Telekom Cloud starts Data Centre in Singapore

The Cloud Readiness Index compiled by the Asia Cloud Computing Association identifies the drivers of this growth as the huge state investment programmes which are now beginning to bear fruit. These include the expansion of broadband networks, but also the development of the national Government Cloud.

According to the report, Hong Kong and Singapore are at the top of the rankings when it comes to cloud readiness. It comes as little surprise that the report finds that the Asia-Pacific region is, in fact, significantly ahead of Europe and the USA on the cloud readiness front. In an area with an existing data centre and businesses hungry for cloud services, the setting up of a new Open Telecom Cloud region seemed like a natural next step.

Andreas Falkner
Andreas Falkner, Vice President Open Telekom Cloud T-Systems 

“Of course the Asia-Pacific market has a different focus from the European one” explains Andreas Falkner, VP Open Telekom Cloud. “That’s why we will be starting with our basic setup. However, we are still offering a mature product at a great price and the combination of these factors alone gives us a great starting point for our entry into this regional market”.

And that’s not all: there is also a German “export” for customers that need to work with sensitive data and place a high value on compliance. Open Telekom Cloud offers German-level security and data protection with their standard procedures and processes, even in Asia. Furthermore Open Telekom Cloud sets new standards in terms of data privacy. With production at the location Singapore, it fulfils the comprehensive standards of the region.

The course has been set for further growth: Welcome Open Telekom Cloud in Singapore.

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