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by Editorial team

Open Telekom Cloud entered the market with a clear vision: “simple, secure, affordable” public IaaS. Prices are always being checked and adjusted downwards to meet the demands of the market. 

With the first 100 days behind us, not only are further services being added to the platform such as the Cloud Container Engine, a relational database, and High Performance Flavor, but the first price adjustment is being introduced – an average reduction of around 5 percent. Oracle Linux users will be particularly happy as they can save up to 15 percent compared to previous prices.

IaaS users expect lower prices

It is not only the flexible use of IT resources and the ability to quickly try out something new that makes Public IaaS so attractive to users – it’s as cheap as chips.

Open Telecom Cloud is responding to its users desire for lower costs and is constantly adjusting its prices to current market levels. The most economical virtual machine is still available for only 0.9 cents per hour: it is a category I elastic cloud server with a virtual CPU (vCPU), 1 GB RAM, and runs on OpenLinux, the free operating system. The most expensive classic machine comes from the general purpose segment: it runs Windows and offers 32 vCPUs and 128 GB RAM – complete computing power. It costs just €4.59 per hour.

Open Telekom Cloud July Releases
Good news: After just 100 days on the market, Open Telekom Cloud is offering new services and price reductions.

New services: Cloud Container Engine, database and High Performance Flavor

Starting today (18 July 2016), Open Telekom Cloud now offers two new services: the free-of-charge Cloud Container Engine to help simple application migration, and a relational database based on mySQL. Furthermore, High Performance Flavor, particularly suited for complex computing needs (e.g. particle physics, astronomy, geosciences or simulations), will be available soon.

With 32 vCPUs and 64 GB RAM running Windows, High Performance Flavor is the premium product of the Open Telekom Cloud range at just over €5 per hour. For those wanting to enter the high performance arena, cost-effective alternatives are available, beginning with a dual-core system (4 GB RAM) running OpenLinux at 16.7 cents per hour. High Performance Flavor can be ordered from 1 October onward.

Keeping Telekom’s affordable promise, there are also further discounts in the long-term “reserved” and “upfront” offers. The new MySQL databases also benefit from lower prices; users can start with the smallest system (1 vCPU / 2 GB RAM), again running OpenLinux, for just 3 cents per hour.

The most powerful database offers 16 core and 32 GB RAM for about €1 per hour. “We want to send a clear message with these price reductions: a European public cloud provider can also offer competitive prices. This is important in order to be a serious alternative to the established American providers,” explains Christian Glove, product manager.

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