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OpenStack-based cloud as public, private and hybrid

by Editorial team

The cloud has established itself in the economy: 96 percent of German companies now use commercial services hosted in data centers, according to a recent study by McAfee, the IT security specialist. Companies are currently using an average of 28 cloud services. And the increase in use has led to a growing market: While in 2016 $129 billion was invested in cloud services globally, a year later it was already $154 billion – an increase of almost 20 percent. And the growth is exponential: Analysts predict that by 2021 the market volume will have almost doubled to around $302 billion.

Open Telekom Cloud Hybrid fills market gap

The most-used deployment model, according to McAfee, is currently the hybrid cloud, the combination of public and private cloud services, which is used by 60 percent of companies. The problem is that most public cloud services don’t offer a private counterpart that is based on the same software. Telekom has recently filled this gap with its OpenStack-based public cloud services: The Open Telekom Cloud is now available as a hybrid cloud with the same hard and software.

What does that mean exactly? Previously, the Open Telekom Cloud’s data and storage capacity was only available as a public cloud from Telekom’s certified and highly secure data centers in Saxony-Anhalt. Now, however, companies can also use the proven OpenStack-based cloud resources on dedicated hardware reserved solely for them.

The Open Telekom Cloud Hybrid: private cloud based on OpenStack in the company's own data center ...
The Open Telekom Cloud Hybrid: private cloud based on OpenStack in the company's own data center ...
Open Telekom Cloud Hybrid Solution is set up with the private cloud in a highly secure data center by Telekom
...or alternatively, private cloud in a highly secure, german data center by Telekom.

The key advantage here is that companies can chose to either implement the resources in their own data center or leave the server in the Telekom data center. In the later case, companies can, if necessary, avail of a secure connection, for example Direct Connect.

Hybrid Cloud makes it easier for companies to get into the cloud

As a result the Open Telekom Cloud’s IT resources are also suitable for companies that cannot or do not want to use public cloud services for specific processes. “Reservations about the public cloud are often based on compliance doubts, fears of data theft and industrial espionage or simply unease about processing sensitive data on a shared infrastructure,” says Frank Strecker, who is responsible for Deutsche Telekom’s cloud business. “With the Open Telekom Cloud Hybrid we are now offering companies a solution that enables them to avail of all the advantages of the Open Telekom Cloud within a private cloud environment.”

Another advantage is the flexible expandability. A company can now expand their dedicated Open Telekom Cloud IT resources with any capacity from the public cloud at any time. Furthermore the Hybrid Cloud will make it easier for companies to move into the cloud in the future. “Anyone who choses the Open Telekom Cloud Hybrid doesn’t need any explicit cloud know-how,” says Strecker. “Telekom experts handle all the implementation, operation, maintenance and service, according to the highest security standards. We are currently the only provider on the market offering this kind of OpenStack-based managed hybrid cloud model.”

Companies can order the Open Telekom Cloud Hybrid starting immediately. Telekom will start installing the first dedicated components at customer sites in the second quarter of 2018.

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