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Open Telekom Cloud – the Next Generation

by Editorial team

While we at the Open Telekom Cloud may not be as as futuristic as Picard, Data and the rest of the Enterprise crew,  our product range will be extended at the end of February and users will once again have more options to satisfy their needs.

Open Telekom Cloud - Next Generation
The Open Telekom Cloud is developing but hasn’t quite reached intergalactic Star Trek level functionality just yet. Look out for further developments in the summer.

Open Telekom Cloud Goes Big Data

The new flagship service is the first SaaS offering on the Open Telekom Cloud. In October, the Local Disk Flavors meant the infrastructure needed was in place and now the necessary evaluation and data management applications are here: a Hadoop/MapReduceSuite (including HBase, Hive and Spark). During the year, the Big Data Opportunities will be extended further.

New database

A second highlight of the new Open Telekom Cloud is the expansion of the database choice. As well as two versions of MySQL, we are now offering the popular Open Source database PostgreSQL, which adheres closely to SQL standards and therefore offers high compatibility with other database formats. It offers a way out to everyone who is trapped in an expensive database lock-in.

Customers also have more scope when it comes to operating system images. You can now apply your own in-house licences thanks to a Bring-Your-Own-Licence model.

Dedicated Hosts – for your own mini-cloud

Though there aren’t any new Flavors to choose from,  Open Telekom Cloud already offers 47 combinations, offering customers a great choice of options that are ahead of the field. Instead, the team is introducing three so-called Dedicated Hosts, where a bespoke hardware suite is “carved out” from the hardware pool for a customer. Users can then deploy their Flavors within hardware capacity without worrying about the “noisy neighbour” effect (i.e. the activity of other users effecting services). The best thing: Dedicated Hosts are invoiced on an hourly basis.

Further services for easier use and more security

In addition to these three new services, further (background) services are being introduced to make Open Telekom Cloud easier to use and more secure: Cloud Trace monitors access to cloud resources (for example for audits), EVS Encryption and Key Management Services offer highly developed encryption and efficient key administration for data access.

Short Message Notifications and Distributed Message Services establish communication channels between resources, applications and people – with the option to automatically trigger particular actions. Lastly, VPC Peering enables exchange via several virtual clouds.

The Open Telekom Cloud is developing but hasn’t quite reached intergalactic Star Trek level functionality just yet. Look out for further developments in the summer.

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