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New Ubuntu images: What’s changing

by Editorial team

New Ubuntu images became available for the Open Telekom Cloud in June 2018. Previously, users had access to so-called community versions of the operating system: Trusty (Community_Ubuntu_14.04_TSI_latest) and Xenial (Community_Ubuntu_16.04_TSI_latest) were offered as public images on Deutsche Telekom’s public cloud offering. But now there are new public images specifically tailored for use with the Open Telekom Cloud and its applications. The standard images are available under new file names with recognizable version designations: “Standard_Ubuntu_14.04_latest” for Trusty and “Standard_Ubuntu_16.04_latest” for Xenial.

As in the past, Ubuntu for the Open Telekom Cloud relies on software from the Linux distributor Canonical. The new standard images have been prepared with the ImageFactory of the Open Telekom Cloud. That means that just like all the other images for SUSE, RedHat and Fedora, Ubuntu will always remain updated as necessary. Users choose the images via an API or the graphical user interface.

Ubuntu offers new functionality in the Open Telekom Cloud

The new Ubuntu images have numerous additions without operational implications for users. This means they catch up in terms of functionality with all the other images found on the Open Telekom Cloud. However, the size of the files has been reduced greatly from 12 GB to only 4 GB. So anyone working with scripts using default values will need to make updates accordingly. Moreover, Ubuntu can now also be installed on Bare Metal servers – the operating system previously could only be deployed for virtual machines. Resource utilization like CPU and memory can now be displayed and monitored visually: An UVP monitor is ready to go in the Xenial version.

“Ubuntu now has new features and the same functionality as all the other images available on the Open Telekom Cloud,” says Andreas Falkner, VP Open Telekom Cloud. “So, in a way, we’re also standardizing the images we offer our customers. Ubuntu has always been popular with our users. We’re making it even easier to use with the new standard versions.” The old community versions will remain available for users until mid-August. 


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