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Open Telekom Cloud: The dawn of a new media age
Open Telekom Cloud: The dawn of a new media age

From September 14 through 18, the focus of media attention will be on Amsterdam, where everybody who's anybody in the world of film and TV series production and broadcasting will be attending the International Broadcast Convention (IBC). That includes not only the wheelers and dealers of the film production industry, but a multitude of television stations, production companies, and makers of technology and equipment.

A topic that will take center stage at the IBC – one at least that the participants will (be compelled to) talk about – is digital disruption. Even established film and TV production companies cannot escape the digital transformation, with new providers such as Netflix, Amazon and Apple shaking up the market. The old hands of the industry need to become more agile, and one way of achieving that is to deploy simpler and cheaper production and broadcasting technology.
The cloud has a key role to play in this – and, for the new players that are disrupting the market, it has long since become the weapon of choice. Time, then, for the incumbents to fight back.

Live demo of B2B content management system

Together with its partners Sony and Harmonic, T-Systems has developed an answer to the digitization challenge faced by media companies and launched it on the Open Telekom Cloud. Sony Media Backbone Hive can be experienced not just on a specifications sheet, but in a genuine live demonstration. Hive enables journalists, for example, to organize their video material and post-edit or cut film footage no matter where they are. The integration of Hive with Harmonic VOS allows video content to be played across a variety of channels. And this transcoding and packaging solution for video broadcasting runs on the Open Telekom Cloud, too. It goes without saying that the cloud offers optimal capacity for the long-term archiving of media companies' huge data volumes.

A white paper on "The Public Cloud and the Media" will be available at the convention booths of Sony, Harmonic and the Institut für Rundfunktechnik (IRT), while Sony will be presenting the live demo.

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