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API Gateway (APIG)

API Gateway (APIG) Dedicated is a high-performance, high-availability, and high-security API hosting service that helps you build, manage, and deploy APIs at any scale. With just a few clicks, you can integrate internal systems, and selectively expose capabilities with minimal costs and risks. The API Gateway Dedicated is hosted on exclusively allocated cloud resources in your tenant.

API Gateway helps you to monetize your service and data capabilities, you can open them up by creating APIs in APIG. Then you can provide the APIs for API callers using offline channels.

You can also obtain open APIs from APIG to reduce your development time and costs.

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Reasons for APIG in Open Telekom Cloud

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Available out-of-the-box

You can quickly create APIs by configuring the required settings on the API Gateway console. API Gateway provides an inline debugging tool to simplify API development and allows you to publish an API in multiple environments for easy testing and fast iteration.

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Convenient API Lifecycle 

API Gateway provides full-lifecycle API management, including design, development, test, publish, and O&M, to help you quickly build, manage, and deploy APIs at any scale.

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Comprehensive security protection

API Gateway provides multiple measures to secure API calling, such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) transfer, strict access control, IP address blacklist/whitelist, authentication, anti-replay, anti-attack, and multiple audit rules. In addition, API Gateway implements flexible and refined quota management and request throttling to help you flexibly and securely open your backend services.

Key Features of APIG

Verwaltung und Bereitstellung von APIs über eine Benutzeroberfläche

Administration & deployment

API Gateway (APIG) is a fully managed service that enables you to securely build, manage, and deploy APIs at any scale with high performance and availability. With APIG, you can easily integrate your internal service systems and selectively expose your service capabilities through its API opening and API calling functions. More information here. The API Gateway can also be used to publish functions.

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Refined request 

API Gateway combines synchronous and asynchronous traffic control and multiple algorithms to throttle requests at the second level. You can flexibly define request throttling policies to ensure stability and continuity of API services.

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Visualized API 

API Gateway monitors the number of API calls, data latency, and number of errors, helping you identify potential service risks.

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Flexible policy routes

You can configure backends for an API to forward requests according to multiple policies. This facilitates dark launch and environment management.

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SDKs of different programming languages

SDKs of different programming languages (such as Java, Go, Python, and C) are available for access from clients. Because the backends do not need to be modified, only one system is required to adapt to different service scenarios (such as mobile devices and IoT).


APIG architecture

Grafik APIG architecture

API Gateway Features


API lifecycle management

Cloud native gateway

Built-in debugging tool 

Version management

Environment variables

Request throttling

Monitoring and alarm

Access control

VPC channels

Signature keys

Mock response

APIG Specifications of dedicated gateways

APIG restrictions


Use Cases

Internal System Decoupling

Enterprise Capabilities Opening

Neue Features

New Service API Gateway available in EU-DE regionView Details
API Gateway now integrated with FunctionGraphView Details

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