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FunctionGraph allows you to manage and run your code without a server. At the same time, it ensures high availability and scalability. Once you upload your code and set execution conditions, FunctionGraph takes care of the rest. The costs are purely usage-based related to the execution of the code and there are no deployment costs if your code is not running.

The benefits and extensive functionality of FunctionGraph allow you to focus on implementing your business logic. Code creation, integration testing, and code deployment can be done in a time- and cost-optimized manner in an agile software development environment with minimal operational overhead.

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The API Gateway (Basic) and FunctionGraph can be used free of charge until 30.06.2024.


Reasons for FunctionGraph in the Open Telekom Cloud

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Data protection

FunctionGraph is operated in the EU under European management and is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Non-European authorities do not have access.

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Automatic scaling

FunctionGraph's features scale automatically, providing sufficient resources even during peak loads.

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Fast and comfortable

“Cold start” after 50 ms – meaning: the basic start of FunctionGraph with small code (e.g. 100 KB) takes 50 ms, while large code size (e.g. 50 MB) takes 300 ms. With “Reserved” instances the latency of 50 ms/300 ms at cold start is omitted and the service is available immediately.

Key Features of FunctionGraph

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Cloud-native applications

Applications built with FunctionGraph do not require servers and corresponding operational overhead. “Stateful” function programming simplifies user/application interactions by accessing previous interactions. This does not need to be stored separately, e.g., via web cookies in web services.

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Simplified Service Orchestration

The “Function Flows” tool simplifies the creation and management of extensive workflows using the “drag” and “drop” functions. With the graphical service orchestration, you quickly gain an overview of dependencies and conditions of the functional components.

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Implementation of Web Service Code

Existing web service code can be migrated to FunctionGraph as a serverless solution without modification. To do this, use the ready-to-use API gateway by changing a few configuration settings such as the service port and packaging the code into an http function. This significantly saves operating costs, meaning you pay only for the runtime of the code, and can deliver web services even during peak loads thanks to the automatic scaling in FunctionGraph.

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Flexible Resource Scheduling

FunctionGraph enables dynamic resource allocations. This allows applications such as video transcoding, which have highly variable compute resource requirements, to deliver an optimally balanced performance.

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Trigger for calling functions

A set of triggers is available to time, start and stop the applications created with FunctionGraph, taking conditions into account. Both synchronous requests that await feedback and asynchronous requests that do not await feedback are supported.

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Usage-based prices – accurate to the second

FunctionGraph is billed per request (function or allocated memory) and execution time. There is a monthly free tier, as well as on-demand and reserved instances.

On-demand instances are billed per millisecond – rounded up to the nearest full 100ms – and per 1 million requests.

Reserved instances are billed per second, but at least one minute. The charged period starts when the API is called to create a Reserved Instance and ends when the Reserved Instance is released.

Use Cases

Web & Mobile Backends

Real-time File Processing


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