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Bare Metal Server (BMS)

Bare Metal Servers do away with hypervisors and virtualization: The computing resources are only equipped with a host operating system, offering users the maximum scope to design their own systems. They can freely design customized flavors using virtualization technologies. Bare Metal Servers can also be used without virtualization: Because they do not come with a hypervisor, they offer more consistent performance than virtual machines, making them an ideal solution for big data analyses. Furthermore, Bare Metal Servers offer better license conditions for the software used. A bare metal server (physical.i7n.28xlarge.4) also serves as the foundation for our Confidential Computing offering.

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Reasons for BMS in the Open Telekom Cloud

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The allocated resources run in a GDPR-compliant environment and fulfil all European requirements to run secure workloads with the scalable options of a cloud. Non-European authorities have no access.

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High Performance

BMS enables the use of dedicated computing resources without hypervisor overhead. This customized hardware offers an increased level of security and performance while avoiding the “noisy neighbour” effect (negative influences on the performance of the allocated resources caused by other users).

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Our services can be tailored to your exact needs – so you never overpay. You can book additional resources as needed and they will be ready in minutes. Different BMS flavors are available for each scenario and can be provided in a few minutes.

Key Features of BMS

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Cloud Service Integration

Bare Metal Service provides high integration with other services to provide computing, storage, and network resources. Linked services include Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Image Management Service (IMS), Elastic Volume Service (EVS), Scalable File Service (SFS), Volume Backup Service (VBS), Cloud Eye (CES), and many more services to meet business needs in a cloud.

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The BMS service enables the isolation of physical resources and cannot be influenced by other tenants.

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High-Speed Network

Some BMS support InfiniBand at up to 100 Gbit/s between BMS and provide low latency connectivity to meet high-speed interconnection requirements.

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Flexible Billing

BMS includes three pricing models: Elastic (hourly billing), Reserved (discounted monthly pricing for continuous use), and Reserved Upfront (increased discounts through prepayment). The license costs for the operating system are already included.

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The Bare Metal Service can help to reuse existing licences for RHEL, SUSE (SLES), Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office etc. This means you do not have to apply for a new one. With the BYOL license type, you can thus significantly reduce your costs.


BMS Flavor Overview

High-Performance Computing


Use Cases

High-Performance Computing (HPC)


Big Data


New Features

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BMS i7 for Confidential Computing ApplicationsView Details

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